About us

With a spate of false narrative & anti-India voices filling media space, we felt there was a requirement for a platform to provide essential news, updates, analysis, and comment on developments affecting India and everyday life here. Our aim is to correctly inform our readers about the happenings around them. We have a tendency to provide a full package of news, whether it is news, politics, comment, or cultural and effective information you are exploring.

NARADA’S BUZZ was organized in August 2020, with nationalism as a driving force. The aim of Narada’s Buzz is to provide its user with a completely new experience with true and honest reporting with facts and provide them with an Indian perspective of the problems. 

India being the youngest, fastest-growing, and the largest online-market, forces are trying to exploit online space to detriment of India. India – the coexistence of cultures, traditions, and diversity - being our ideal, we aim to cater to all people who love India and provide them information bereft of propaganda to make conscious opinions, choices, and decisions.

Core Team

Shakti Swami – 
Director - Founder, Naradas Buzz

Sanjay Soni – 
Partner - Founder, Naradas Buzz

Sunil Verma – 
Partner - Founder, Naradas Buzz