Amnesty India Halts Its India Operations. Claims Victimisation.

Amnesty India tweeted earlier in the day, said halting India operations due to Government's witch-hunt. However, citizens' reactions tell a different story.

Amnesty India Halts Its India Operations. Claims Victimisation.

With amended FRCA in offing, NGOs like Amnesty India are closing their India operations.


With Government of India going strict on FRCA to bring in open anti-India organizations, many NGOs are shutting their shops. Latest being the self-proclaimed champion of human rights – Amnesty India, a subsidiary of Amnesty International.

The organization has claimed it to be a witch-hunt by the Government of India and put a message on its website. Amnesty India also tweeted through its handle @AIIIndia earlier in the day, claiming to be victimized by the government, however, the response from citizens on their tweets tell a different story.


Earlier in the year, Amnesty along with several other NGOs had tried to stop amendment in FCRA, which would make it tough for these NGOs to get money from abroad. India is trying had to curb the illegal money routed into the country through NGOs and then used for anti-India activities, including creating unrest and disharmony with in the country.