Another Twist in the tale : Naxalite Module active in Hathras

Another Twist in the tale : Naxalite Module active in Hathras

In what now comes as a shocking development in the Hathras case in which a 19-year old girl was physically assaulted, later succumbing to her injuries, a Naxalite plot now seems to have been uncovered by the Special Investigative Team (SIT) which has been constituted by Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath to look into the matter. As per News 18, two days after the murderous assault on the late victim, an alleged ‘Bhabhi’ of the girl had come to stay with the Dalit family. This ‘Bhabhi’, as it now seems out, is in fact a Naxalite from Madhya Pradesh report suggests.

In a shocking revelation by the SIT, the Naxals were in constant touch with the real sister-in-law of the victim. Her identity was revealed when the probe in the case led the investigators to go through the call records of the real sister-in-law. The imposter Bhabhi, who owes her allegiances to the dead and redundant idea of Naxalism, is currently absconding, and the Uttar Pradesh police have launched a  massive manhunt to nab her.

How the Naxalite was able to live with the victim’s family is not yet clear, and what role she played during the entire case catching attention across the country will also be known once she is nabbed. It would not be hyperbole to suggest, however, that an imposter Bhabhi of the victim can definitely not live in the same house with the family without them knowing her real identity, and working in tandem with her to execute whatever devious plans she and her masters had in mind to disturb the harmony of the place. The role of media persons and journalists has also come under extensive scrutiny, as this infamous anti-India Bhabhi was seen giving regular sound-bytes to various channels while projecting herself as the real sister-in-law of the deceased victim. Social media is filled with theories of the Bhabhi living with the victim’s family in order to peddle a distorted and fallacious narrative around the whole case, with help from a section of Indian media, of course. This exposure by SIT has garnered great attention in social media and various users were found quoting the incident.

 In yet another interesting twist, The real Bhabhi of the victim, meanwhile, seems to have come forward in order to defend the Naxalite she was in touch with, saying, “Her (the suspected Naxalite’s) name is Rajkumari. She has a 10-year-old son. She has a husband and a family. There is nothing like that (as being reported in the media).” Further, she also says that the suspected Naxalite has a job and residence in Jabalpur.

Interestingly, a certain Bhabhi of the deceased Hathras victim had earlier issued open threats to ‘Kshatriya’ girls, saying that the upper caste families should leave their girls with the victim’s family for some time, and then witness the consequences. “Bring their 2-4 girls and make them stay with 6 of our men here. I will intervene on behalf of the panchayat and give my verdict immediately. What they have done to the girl (Hathras victim), the same must happen to them. Leave your daughters here and see…We will make the Thakurs pay the price by doing the same to their girls.

Whether the Bhabhi issuing such threats is indeed the Naxalite now on the run will only be ascertained in the coming days. However, the case, which is getting murkier by the day, is definitely turning out to be the aimed stepping stone of a massive conspiracy by anti-India elements to instigate and organize large-scale caste-based and communal violence in the state of Uttar Pradesh. Sadly, for them, such plans were nipped in the bud by the Yogi government. It has also put Intelligence Agencies on alert,as soon they come to know Naxal connection and presence in Hathras