Armin Navabi – Atheist or Ribald human?

Atheist Republic founder exposed!

Armin Navabi – Atheist or Ribald human?

Iranian born Ex – Muslim Armin Navabi (currently living in Canada), founder of Atheist Republic, recently made controversy by making “Sexy Kali” image and vulgar comments on Hindu deities. Did he really make controversy to Justify his Atheism or he is a mentally unstable? Let’s have analyze these things minutely.

After Sweden riot incident, Armin tore up a copy of Quran along with his Ex – Muslim friends like Apostate prophet. But they received many backslashes from their viewers. Soon after they decided to insult Hindu deities. At first, Abdullah Sameer, a radical Islamic sympathizer masquerading as an atheist, tweeted a derogatory image of Hindu Goddess then Armin joined.

Here is another instance where Abdullah denied to post sexualized photo of Prophet Muhammad.

But the question is why did these Ex – Muslims are targeting Hindu goddess? Well, Robert Spencer, Director of Jihad Watch, answered this in his tweets. He said, “They are trying to draw a false equivalence between Hinduism and Islam.”

Since Hindus worshipping Goddess Kali as Mother, Atheist republic founder Armin Navabi sexualized Hindu deities by commenting “Sexy Kali” “Crush on her” “ISimpForKali”. Armin was such a coward he doesn’t have guts to debate on Hinduism. A twitter user asked Armin to debate with True Indology but Armin ended this by abusing True Indology. Thus, he showed his idiocy.

Some interesting facts about Armin and simp atheist gang: -

 Armin Nabavi justified sexual relationship between Father – Daughter and Brother – Sister. He was such a pervert and uncultured filthy creature he enjoyed his mother’s pornographic images only for donation.

After Armin and Abdullah, another Ex – Muslim Harris Sultan (Pakistani) jumped into this controversy. Harris Sultan is the same person who begged to Ankur Arya for live show and he is now justifying Armin’s filthy behavior. He also called Hindus as “Jihadi” ” Sakhachhap”. Irony, Harris known as “International atheist beggar”.

A person named Subham who is a coordinator of Atheist Republic, passed derogatory remarks on Goddess kali, however Hindu IT cell take strict step against him and filed complaint. According to source, Subham is studying in Kalyani University.

So, It’s obvious that these Ex-Muslims are doing propaganda, but some Journalist and Youtuber like Abhijit Iyer, Shambhav Sharma and Kushal Mehra supported Armin Navabi. As there is no blasphemy law in Canada, Armin Navabi can abuse Hindu deities, But does it really comes under Freedom of speech? It is till unanswered. Twitter and Patreon played a major role in spreading hate. We will discuss about this in our next article.