Arnab & lies of 'LIBERAL' media.

The LIBERAL posers & their narrative; time for people to understand their duplicity.

Arnab & lies of 'LIBERAL' media.

I have been greatly disturbed by a tweet doing rounds today, it says:

I’m a Journalist, That’s Why I Don’t Stand With Arnab Goswami. 

What do these people even mean? Yes, everyone is allowed to have a varying point of view, differ, dissent, and even be outraged. It is understandable to take umbrage at what others say, maybe seek their confinement. And it is still conceivable to not consider other a journalist, question their ethos, morality, and whether they have a right to freedom of expression. But this case has crossed every such limit. We need to understand that this case has now moved beyond Freedom of expression, or freedom of the press, to Right to life.

This is no longer a case where the state is trying to curb freedom of Expression (FOE). Now it is a case of state using its power to condemn those it deems a danger to its survival. Arnab's case is not about acting against states policies, or law & order, but personal grudge of politicians. Common citizens must realise the danger of this development, if this can happen so brazenly to someone of Arnab's stature and influence, what are chances of you or me surviving if a person in power holds resentment against us.

“Arnab should be the last one to complain about this new ‘structure’ because he is one of the ‘nation-builders’ of our new immoral India of 2020.”

I’m a Journalist, That’s Why I Don’t Stand With Arnab Goswami
I write here : https:/

— Arfa Khanum Sherwani (@khanumarfa) November 7, 2020 " title="Disturbing Tweet">

The tweets today point to a worrisome development. 

These people are telling you that Arnab brought it upon himself by raising questions on State Authority, or by being divisive (as per them). Here is a point to note, that unlike most RW these people claim to support Freedom of Expression, but today's incident is clear evidence that this a mere posturing, they only support when it is suitable to them. This should be an eye-opener to those who believe that these writers represent LIBERAL views, they don't.

Lt. General(R) GD Bakshi, appealed to the president for Arnab's Saftey

The way this man has destroyed reputations, life, career and entity of people, all in his fully blooming arrogance, it is not surprising that NO ONE is feeling bad for Arnab. Except for his flunky on payroll, GD Bakchodi.

— Col Sanjay Pande (@ColSanjayPande) November 8, 2020 ">

What these people are telling you is, they won't stand on Arnab's side because he had a point of view which irked them, they disliked it, they hate Arnab because of what he said, and that they do not consider him to be a journalist. It clearly shows how fake they are in their narrative about being in favour of freedom of speech. They are okay when speech is from one of their cabals, is anti-India, & is meant to break society, they will stand for that, try to save those who indulge in such an acts, but when it is by someone against their point of view, they will not stand for their cherished 'Freedom of Expression.'

This must be an eye-opener for Young minds who worship such 'liberal' journalists. Look, here are your vanguards of liberalism going against values they purportedly hold supreme! I don't expect these people to fight for Arnab, or Freedom of Speech, they never believed in FoE. Youngsters need to understand the duplicity of these people and their narratives. BEWARE!