'Arvind Kejriwal Fraud': Punjab CM Attacks AAP For Hypocritical Stance On Farm Laws

Accusing the Delhi CM of politicising the protests, Punjab CM Amarinder Singh contended that the Delhi CM had no love for farmers.

'Arvind Kejriwal Fraud': Punjab CM Attacks AAP For Hypocritical Stance On Farm Laws
Image Source: Republic World

A day after AAP MLAs tore copies of the Farm Bills in the Delhi Legislative Assembly, Punjab CM Capt. Amarinder Singh described Arvind Kejriwal as a "fraud". Speaking to the media on Friday, Singh opined that AAP kept on changing its stance on the agrarian legislation. For instance, he pointed out that AAP had supported The Farmers Produce Trade & Commerce Promotion & Facilitation (Punjab Amendment) Bill, 2020The Essential Commodities (Special Provision & Punjab Amendment) Bill, 2020 and The Farmers Agreement on Price Assurance & Farm Services(Punjab Amendment) Bill, 2020 introduced by the Punjab government.

Accusing the Delhi CM of politicising the protests, he contended that the Delhi CM had no love lost for farmers. According to the Punjab CM, AAP initially notified the agrarian laws in the Gazette and showed solidarity with the farmers protesting at the Delhi borders much later. While Kejriwal has repeatedly accused Capt. Amarinder Singh of speaking "BJP's language" due to ED pressure, the latter has vehemently denied this charge. 

"Punjab CM Capt. Amarinder Singh remarked, "AAP supported the bills that we introduced in the Assembly. They went with us to the Governor and submitted a copy of the bills. But on the next day, they changed their tune. Akalis also behave in a similar manner- they act differently inside and outside."

"He is playing politics. He has no love lost for farmers. If he loved the farmers, why didn't he do this earlier? First, he endorsed their Parliamentary bills. They didn't say anything and then went to the borders to show that they have sympathy for the farmers. Right from the beginning, I have maintained that Kejriwal is a fraud," he added.

Kejriwal attacks Centre over the farm laws

On Thursday, the Delhi Assembly also passed a resolution calling upon the Centre to repeal the three farm laws passed in Parliament. Speaking on the floor of the House, Kejriwal said that it was his duty to stand up for the cause of the farmers at a juncture when they are in trouble. In a sharp attack on the Union government, he urged the Modi dispensation to "not act worse than Britishers". 

Speaking in the Delhi Assembly, CM Arvind Kejriwal stated, "Respected Chairman, I support this. These are the three laws (which I am tearing) in front of the Assembly. I am saddened by tearing these farm laws. I did not intend to tear his farm laws. But today when the farmers of my country are sleeping on the road when it is 2 degrees celsius and they are in trouble, I cannot betray the farmers. I am first a citizen of the country and a CM later. Today, this Legislative Assembly rejects these three laws and appeals to the Centre that agree to the farmers' say and do that act worse than Britishers." 

News Source: - Republic World