ATS interrogation of 2 Rohingyas caught from Ghaziabad revealed, the banned SIMI-backed PFI is helping; connection with elections

ATS interrogation of 2 Rohingyas caught from Ghaziabad revealed, the banned SIMI-backed PFI is helping; connection with elections
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Ahead of the assembly elections to be held in Uttar Pradesh next year, the exodus of Rohingya and Bangladeshi infiltrators spread across the country has started towards UP. The leaders of the banned SIMI-backed Popular Front of India are giving protection to these foreign infiltrators. In the interrogation of two Rohingya nationals arrested from Ghaziabad on June 8, the Anti-Terrorist Squad (ATS) has got many such important information.

UP ATS arrested Rohingya nationals Amir Hussain and Noor Alam from Ghaziabad area on June 8. Noor Alam is the biggest broker of bringing Rohingya citizens into the country via Bangladesh and Amir Hussain was staying in Shriram Colony of Khajuri Khas police station area of ​​Delhi for almost two years after illegally entering the country.

Both were nabbed by the ATS on entering the UP border. When the ATS interrogated both of them on remand for in-depth investigation, it came to know that Rohingya and Bangladeshi citizens spread across the country like this and all the Rohingya and Bangladeshi citizens have been asked to make their hideouts in UP. Their goal is to get their names included in the voter list by getting the ration card, PAN card of the place settled before the assembly elections. That is why Noor Alam is taking these infiltrators from Delhi, Haryana and Rajasthan side one by one to their relatives and close ones living in UP. In return, he is also getting a good amount of money.

In a two-year-old report of Intelligence, the number of Rohingya citizens living illegally in UP was said to be around 800. But according to the ATS, many times more Rohingyas are currently residing in every assembly constituency. But it is becoming difficult to identify them because they have all the documents to prove their citizenship here. In the investigation of ATS, it is coming out that SIMI-backed PFI is giving protection to them. Elections are to be held in five states next year, of which UP is the most important. These Rohingyas and Bangladeshis, who are living illegally in large numbers in other states, have been given the task of becoming voters by settling in UP before the elections.

ATS investigation also revealed that most of the Rohingyas are staying in western UP. They earn big money by doing this work in the Slaughter Houses of Aligarh, Agra and Unnao. In lieu of getting work here, the middleman takes commission from them. The people of PFI help them in every way from behind the scenes.

In 2019, the role of these Rohingyas in protests and violence across the country against the CAA came to the fore. After registering a case against PFI members for inciting violence in Kanpur, it was found in the investigation that Rohingyas settled in large numbers in Kalyanpur and Babupurwa areas were committing violence only at the behest of PFI members. ATS sources say that after this information, surveillance of Rohigya citizens has been intensified.