Bajarang Dal protest in Rajasthan to support Kangana Ranaut

Bajarang Dal protest in Rajasthan to support Kangana Ranaut

The Bajrang Dal has raised a huge protest in Rajasthan over any misconduct that has taken place with Kangana Ranaut in Maharashtra.

A letter has been issued by the Bajrang Dal activists of Rajasthan regarding the misconduct with Kangana Ranaut in Maharashtra, which sent them to the Prime Minister and the Home Minister, saying that the matter should be taken as soon as possible.

This protest can be understood how the people are full of resentment about this behavior of the Maharashtra Government.

In view of this behavior, only one thing can be understood, whether the Government of Maharashtra is taking revenge from Kangana Ranaut under the guise of BMC.

Kangana Ranaut is such an actress who has a lot of courage and she is showing her courage and is exposing Bollywood and Politics due to which her enemies are becoming day by day, so the result of this misconduct of the Maharashtra Government makes us different - Protest may be seen in different states.

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