Banglar Gorbo Momota - India's new fake news factory

Banglar Gorbo Momota - India's new fake news factory
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India is going through a hard time, Covid cases are increasing day by day. Undoubtedly, India is facing a major problem in the health care system. Nevertheless, the Govt of India, as well as the countryman, are giving their best to fight against corona. 

But we have seen lots of snollygosters are trying to create panic in this situation for their benefit. A Twitter handle @BanglarGorboMB is spreading fake news, misinformation to gain votes in the Bengal election 2021. As per sources, this page is running by Prashant Kishore and his team. Let's see their activity on Twitter. 

On April 20, this page shared a photo where a woman is waiting for an ambulance.

But this image is from 2018 and it has nothing to do with Covid. 

This page shared another image and calling it the "Gujarat Model" but turns out to be a fake.

This image is from Maharashtra, but they don't tell it because Maharashtra's CM isn't from BJP.

Another fake news by @BanglargorboMB, this page shared a post and said this mother lost her child due to covid at her feet. But in reality, that patient died because of Kidney disease moreover that patient wasn't even a covid positive.

Here is the original news -

Once again, this page is caught on spreading misinformation. They said " No insurance for healthcare workers amid pandemic. Another sinister move by PM @narendramodi"

But this a fat lie. This has been extended fourth times and is valid till 20 April 2022. Even the PIB FactCheck team also shared the original news and asked not to spread misinformation but still, that shameless Twitter page doesn't remove the post.

This is not a single instance, there are several times when this page was caught red-handed for spreading fake news. Special thanks to Shash (@befittingfacts) who pointed out all this fake news. He doing tremendous work against these fake news hub.

Now, Govt of India must intervene on this matter and take strict action against this page.