Police opens fire on Hindu Procession, Man Dead.

Police opens fire on Hindu Procession, Man Dead.

In a horrific turn of events at Munger, a group of Hindus in Durga immersion procession were shot at by Bihar Police, one person succumbed to injuries while 24-25 are being reported Injured.

The firing took place at the orders of SP Lipi Singh, IPS officer of 2016 batch & daughter of JDU Leader Ram Chandra Pratap Singh. She shot into the limelight earlier after she took action against Anant Singh, an independent MLA from the state, following the recovery of a cache of weapons from his home.

Several videos of the incident have been posted online. One shows the group being mercilessly clubbed by the police. while another one is a grisly image of the dead body.

The below tweet by @divyasoti is a horrifying video of the dead body of a young man, shot for professing his religion. The young man has been identified as 18-year-old Anurag Kumar Poddar.

The incident is chiilingly reminiscent of Janliyan wala Baugh massacre, where thousands of innocent civilians were shot at under instructions of General Dyer.