BJP'S brilliant Manifesto for Bengal election, ₹- 2 lakh for every girl.

BJP'S brilliant Manifesto for Bengal election, ₹- 2 lakh for every girl.
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The BJP did not make any mistake of trying to win the hearts of Bengali women. The BJP Manifesto contains several promises for women. Gerua Shibir has decided to provide free education for women in government service from 33 per cent reservation to post-graduate education.

BJP's manifesto for Bengal includes -

  • Reservation of 33% seats for women in state government jobs
  • Free education for all girls from elementary to postgraduate (KG to PG)
  • Provide free health care to all women, including OPD and advanced treatment
  • Free public transport for all women.
  • Mission Self-reliant Women - 5,000 crores allocated for women's self-help groups.
  • Balika Alo - Uninterrupted financial support for girls. The state government will give to every girl 2 lakh at the age of 18.
  • Widow's allowance will be increased from ₹  -1,000 per month to ₹  -3,000.
  • Formation of 9 women police battalions in the state police and 3 women battalions in the state armed police force.

The Trinamool Congress (TMC) has come out in the field to get women's votes before the Ekushey elections. They have set the tone of the campaign with the slogan 'Bangla wants its own daughter'. In her manifesto, Mamata Banerjee also highlighted multiple opportunities for women. The Trinamool leader reminded us that the girls of the house are the 'guardians' in the health project. Also, grassroots leaders, including Mamata, have been complaining that women are not protected in BJP-ruled states. On the other hand, BJP is presenting statistics on crimes against women in the state. According to political circles, the BJP has gone a step further in the BJP Manifesto in terms of women's opportunities.