BOB Breaches Privacy : Hacking or Internal compromise??

BOB Breaches Privacy : Hacking or Internal compromise??
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We all know that there are some people in the Indian Right-wing community who ran a hate campaign against Neel Patel about iPhone Scam. somedays ago @Nishant_India posted a thread and made a false allegation on Neel Patel. In that thread, he posted a screenshot of Squeak Technology Ltd's Bank account. Here is the Screenshot - 

Though Nishant deleted that tweet, we managed to get an archive link of Nishant's tweet. Archive link [ Click here ]

Today all netizens were trending #BOBbreachesPrivacy and asking BOB to release statements. Finally, BOB released the statement and said, "no such account statement had been handed over to any third party from our branch." 

But some questions remain unanswered here. Let's see this -

Nishant's claim -

Nishant claimed that he has accessed the squeaks bank statement but BOB denied this claim.

Archive link -

We can't ignore this easily. That file which was shared by Nishant has .RPT extension. This type of file can be accessed through Linux System (through DOS). Usually, a server machine of a Bank uses these Operating system. It can be shared only by a bank employee or a hacker. Nishant, Sunaina might have a team of a hacker who accessed that file or Nishant forced someone from BOB to provide these data. We can notice Nishant took the picture with PM of India, Narendra Modi and Defense Minister Rajnath Singh. He might show his political power to collect private data. BOB must act now as soon as possible. From these, we can say either Nishant was telling a lie or Bank Of Baroda.

In either case it is a very serious offence. Squeaks Media has already asked Bank of Baroda to start an internal investigation meanwhile this also makes it a case of Cyber crime as there has been a Breach of Privacy of the Bank records.

Ultimately, the truth shall prevail.