Breaking : Delhi Police Special cell raids Twitter India office.

Breaking : Delhi Police Special cell raids Twitter India office.
Source - Twitter

Two teams of Delhi Police's Special Cell reached the Twitter office on Monday evening to investigate the toolkit case. First a team reached the office of Lado Sarai in Delhi. After this, the other team reached the office of Gurgaon. However, no one was found in the office of the Lodo inn. The office was closed here. Because of this, the team returned without investigation.

In this case, after the interference of the Tu-Tu Main-Main between the BJP and the Congress and the Central Government, Delhi Police took an entry. The notice was sent to the company earlier in the day by the Special Cell of Delhi Police to describe BJP spokesperson Sambit Patra's tweet as 'manipulated media'. The special cell has sought information from the company about calling Patra's post as manipulated media.

Earlier, the central government had also opposed Twitter's action to describe the tweet as 'manipulated media'. The IT ministry has asked Twitter to remove the 'manipulated media' tag. The government says that the agency will investigate the veracity of the content and not Twitter. That is why Twitter should not interfere in the investigation process.

The ministry, in its message to Twitter, said that one of the parties concerned has complained to the investigating agency questioning the veracity of the toolkit and it is being investigated.