BREAKING : The new study claims - Covishield produces more antibodies than covaxin.

BREAKING : The new study claims - Covishield produces more antibodies than covaxin.
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Covishield may produce more antibodies than covaxin, according to recent research. According to an unpublished study, this result was obtained by examining physicians and health workers. They each took one of the two antidotes. The tests, performed by physician AK Singh and his colleagues, found that both drugs were sufficient to prevent coronavirus and boost the body's immune system.

Earlier, unpublished data showed that the efficiency of Covishield was 80 per cent after taking the first dose. The results of the third phase of the covacin test showed that its efficiency was 81 per cent.

Of the 515 health workers, 95 per cent had higher levels of antibodies after the second dose. 97.1 per cent antibodies were found in the bodies of 425 health workers who took Covishield. That's 80 per cent of the 90 health workers who have been vaccinated with covacin, "the study said.

According to the study, there was evidence of more antibodies in the hands taken with covishield than in the hands taken with covaxin. However, in the case of both antidotes, the immune system is quite high. According to the study, ‘the number of anti-spike antibodies is higher (compared to covaxin) in those who took covishield.

However, the anti-spike antibody and the neutralizing antibody titer (NAB) are not the same things. NAB is just a part of the antibody spike. Rajiv Joydevan, a doctor and former head of IMA Kochi, said, "How safe a person is is not the only measure of what percentage of anti-spike antibodies he has."

According to the test, 26 (7.9 per cent) people became infected with covid after taking two doses. Of these, 25 had mild symptoms and 2 had moderate symptoms. However, no death was reported. Even after vaccination is complete, the number of people infected with covid is 5.5 per cent in the case of covishield and 2.2 per cent in the case of covaxin.

This test did not show any difference in gender, blood group, bodyweight or co-morbidity. However, the number of antibodies is relatively low in those over the age of 60.

According to doctors across the country, both antidotes have proven to be quite effective. And to understand how many antibodies are being made in the car, everyone has to be tested separately. This study says so. This test further proves the need to take an antidote. For the time being, the antidote is the only way to prevent a possible third wave.