Congress + Government falls in Puducherry: CM Narayanasamy resigned after losing confidence vote, Congress slips second state in 11 months

Congress + Government falls in Puducherry: CM Narayanasamy resigned after losing confidence vote, Congress slips second state in 11 months
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The Congress-led government fell in the Union Territory of Puducherry. Chief Minister V. Narayanasamy could not prove his majority on Monday and walked out of the House along with his MLAs. He has submitted his resignation to the Lieutenant Governor (LG). In the special session of the assembly, he said that former LG Kiran Bedi and the central government, along with the opposition, tried to bring down the government. If our MLAs were with us, the government would have run for five years.

Narayanasamy said, "We formed the government with the support of DMK and Independent MLAs. After this we saw many elections. We won in all the by-elections. One thing has become clear that the people of Puducherry trust us. '

The crisis was deepened by the resignation of 6 MLAs.

Recently, after the resignation of four Congress MLAs, the crisis had deepened on the government. After this, Lieutenant Governor Tamilisai Soundararajan had asked the government to prove its majority. A day before the floor test, one MLA from the Congress and the DMK, who were part of the coalition, resigned further, after which the Narayanasamy government came into minority.

These 4 MLAs had earlier resigned

 1. A. John Kumar, Congress

 2. A. Namassivam, Congress

 3. Malladi Krishna Rao, Congress

 4. E Thepayanthan, Congress

 These 2 MLAs resign on Sunday

 5. Lakshminarayanan, Congress

 6. K. Venkatesan, DMK

One MLA disqualified, 2 of those who resigned join BJP

Congress MLA N. Dhanvelu was already disqualified for his involvement in anti-party activities. The resigned Namasivam and Thepayanthan have joined the BJP. It is being told that the rest of the leaders may also join the BJP soon. Second state slipped from Congress's hand in 11 months

In early 2020, Congress was in power in Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh, Chhattisgarh, Punjab, Puducherry and Maharashtra. Madhya Pradesh first came out of its hands last year, when Jyotiraditya Scindia's pro-legislators rebelled against Kamal Nath. Kamal Nath had to resign in March 2020. Now the Congress has received another blow in Puducherry.

Now the Congress government is in Rajasthan, Punjab, Chhattisgarh and Maharashtra. In Maharashtra, it is in alliance with Shiv Sena-NCP. In Rajasthan, Punjab and Chhattisgarh, it is running the government on its own. Among them, the case of Rajasthan is delicate, where Sachin Pilot, who was deputy CM in July-August 2020, has rebelled against CM Ashok Gehlot. Gehlot has passed the floor test once, but he will have to prove his majority again in the event of a rebellion.

Former Lieutenant Governor Kiran Bedi leaves for Delhi

The central government removed Lieutenant Governor Kiran Bedi four days ago. In place of him, Dr. Timilisai Sundararajan, Governor of Telangana was made LG of Puducherry. Bedi was the Lieutenant Governor of the state for four years. She left for Delhi on Sunday.