Court case against Parle Biscuits: Orio protests against design of biscuits, next hearing on April 12

Orio protest against design of Parle Fabio biscuits, next hearing on April 12

Court case against Parle Biscuits: Orio protests against design of biscuits, next hearing on April 12
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Oreo Biscuits has filed a case in the Delhi High Court against Parle Biscuits. This case is about the design of biscuits. Oreo has claimed that Parle's Fabio Biscuits are designed to be exactly like his Oreo. In India, many cases related to design copy of biscuits are already in court by different companies.

Hearing will be held in Delhi High Court 

The Delhi High Court has decided to hear the matter on April 12. Intercontinental Great Brands, a unit of Mondelese International of the US, has filed a trademark infringement case. A hearing took place in the case on 9 February. The High Court had rejected the appeal for early hearing of Oreo's lawyer and asked for the next hearing to be held in April itself.

Oreo was launched 10 years ago 

Mondelez launched the Oreo in India about 10 years ago. While Parle launched the Fabio product in January last year. Orio has so far launched all variants of this brand. It has Choco Cream, Oreo Vanilla Orange, Cream and Strawberry.

Parle's entry into premium segment

In fact, Parle ji is known for very cheap and glucose biscuits in the country. It has a very large share in the villages. However, it has been competing with premium biscuits in urban areas for the last 10-15 years. Especially companies like Britannia, Mondelese, ITC have focused on premium biscuits in urban areas. This is the reason why Parle too has ventured into such expensive biscuits segment to strengthen its position in this premium.

Britannia filed a case against Future Consumer in court

Last year, Britannia Industries filed a case against Future Consumer in court. Britannia has alleged that Future Consumer is copying all its packaging. Britannia also objected to using Future Consumer's Good Time. Britannia has also filed similar cases against ITC.

House of Parle opened in 1928. 

The House of Parle was started in 1928. Owner Mohan Dayal Chauhan started his career as a garment business at the age of 18 and further redesigned many businesses. Today, Parle-G has more than 130 factories in the country and about 50 lakh retail stores. Every month Parle-G produces over 1 billion packet biscuits.