COVID Warrior : Story of Adil Farooque Siddique, Ambassador of Hope.

COVID Warrior : Story of  Adil Farooque Siddique, Ambassador of Hope.
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India is going through Covid 19 pandemic. Many patients aren't getting a bed, oxygens and other things. But, we have witnessed many people who aren't less than a God. here is the story of Adil Farooque Siddique. He is studying at Delhi University, now he is giving free ambulance service in Delhi. He is working with Dr Sania Sharma's NGO who is currently working in the UK. Adil spent all of the last night from 2 am till now helping a fellow NRI’s stranded parents in south Delhi. 12 hrs later he is still dedicatedly standing in his PPE kit. Supporting and tirelessly working for NRI support India. Adil sacrificed his sehri didn’t eat anything. Today we get to know about Adil through Ritika Jaiswal's Facebook post. She called Adil "A youthful man full of vigour and compassion" and "unspoken superhero".

To pray for others, making their problems and anguish our own; to embrace those who are suffering, becoming their...

Posted by Ritika Jaiswal on Monday, 10 May 2021

Adil has been given the title of "Ambassador of Hope" by Hamdard Alumni Association. 

This covid pandemic will end one day, undoubtedly this pandemic brought much sorrow, many people lost their close ones. But this pandemic also showed a real hero like Adil. He needs many appreciations for his noble work.