Curious case of Palghar Lynching - The facts

The Palghar Lynching

Curious case of Palghar Lynching - The facts

As great as it is to see youth coming together to seek justice for late Sushant Singh Rajpoot, victims of Palghar still wait for someone to a stand for them.

And, as much as we would like to state our case of seeking justice for SSR as being one of wanting justice for a common man, he was a heavyweight, with millions of people following him, compared to the poor victims of that fateful night in Palghar.

What happened at Palghar was not just gruesome but also something so utterly inhuman that I have no words to describe it. No point retelling the story, all of you know the incident, but do you?

When did it happen, what time, name of the place, name of the people, whys and whats?


Date: 16 Apr 2020 Time: About 10 p.m.

Place: Gadchinchale, District Palghar

The number of people lynched – 3

A lot of people somehow tend to forget the poor driver, who deserves as much justice, or am I being presumptuous?

Remember us?

Kalpavruksha Giri ji maharaj: Age 70.

Sushil Giri Ji Maharaj: Age 35

Nilesh Telgade: Age 30

Image Credit: Unknown Sources, from google.


Some more Facts:

(As per 2011 census)

The total population of the village: 1208

Male Population: 572

Males below 6 years: 119

As per eyewitness accounts, there were at least 120 -140 people present, at the location when that gruesome lynching happened, some accounts state number to be much higher. But even if we take into account the lower side, and consider all 572 people, there were no women visible in the images, to be grown up enough to hurt others (119 were below 6 in 2011), 140 makes about 20%-25% of the population.

Even if there were rumours of child abductors being in the area, it still seems incredible that 25% of the village population was on the lookout, and even more implausible that they gathered randomly, without any instruction & communication.

25% out on the road, during COVID lockdown, let that number sink in! 

Photo Courtesy : Google Map

There are two police stations within 8-10km, maybe less, from the place of incident.


Further facts:

As per 2011 Census

Tribal population: 1198

Tribals as % of the total population of the village: 99.2%

Literacy rate in the village: 30.1%

Photo Courtesy : Google Map

Palghar is about 140 km from Mumbai, the capital of Maharashtra, and commercial capital of India.

I propose no theory regarding why these sadhus were lynched, we can all draw our conclusions.

But, I would like people of this country, the youth that seems to be waking up, to stand up against what happened at Palghar.

Sadhus keep our culture alive, they are the bedrock, they do not ask much from society; they have always stood up & will continue to stand up for us. The least we can do is seek justice for them, at least, in their death, demand a fair probe and get guilty punished.

Please stand up, ask justice for them, for us, they are us.