Dark secrets of India: Insights from past

As the Cold War gained momentum, Jawaharlal Nehru’s socialist India was a CIA target as well. Recall that Nehru had remained silent when the Soviets invaded Hungary in October 1956 but had admonished the British, French, and Israelis for their invasion of Egypt during the Suez crisis a week later. This was enough for the Americans to make India a country of interest in the Cold War and differentiate it from Pakistan. India’s participation in the Bandung Conference in 1955 that helped the birth of the Non-Aligned Movement was also viewed with extreme suspicion in Washington, DC, and other Western European capitals.

Dark secrets of India: Insights from past

Indian government from its birth was a totally corrupt, crony, nepotistic, and anti-national government of the sorts not seen in large countries for centuries. It’s a miracle perhaps that the entire country was not colonized in perpetuity, but that day would not be too far.

Yuri Bezmenov, a KGB Agent who later went under the Nom De Guerre Tomas Schuman said it clearly in his 3-hour interview and it’s a must-watch for every Indian citizen, as to the extent to which KGB controlled and penetrated the Indian Government between 1947 and 1991.

Indira Gandhi, codenamed VANO by the KGB,was sent suitcases of money meant for the Congress coffers. On one occasion, a secret gift of Rs 2 million from the Politburo to the Congress(R) was personally delivered by the KGB head in India Leonid Shebarshin. Another million rupees were given on the same occasion to a newspaper supporting Mrs. Gandhi.

  • In 1978, the KGB was running over 30 agents in India, 10 of whom were Indian intelligence officers.
  • In 1977, KGB files identified 21 non communist politicians (four union ministers) whose election campaigns were subsidised by the KGB.
  • The CPI was funded in many ways, including transfer of money through car windows on Delhi roads.
  • In 1959, CPI general-secretary Ajoy Ghosh agreed on a plan to found an import-export business for trade with the Soviet bloc. In little more than a decade its annual profits grew to over Rs 3 million.
  • During 1975, a total of 10.6 million roubles was spent on active measures in India designed to strengthen the support for Mrs Gandhi and undermine her political opponents.
  • V. Krishna Menon, as defence minister, was persuaded to buy Soviet MiGs and not British Lightnings. His election campaigns in 1962 and 1967 were funded by the KGB. (he is the key architect of the failed Sino-Indian conflict)
  • By 1973, the KGB had 10 Indian newspapers on its payroll plus a press agency. During 1975 the KGB planted 5,510 articles in Indian newspapers. (10 newspapers in the 1970s is a lot, considering there was no electronic or social media back then and print dictated everything)
  • Promode Dasgupta, the communist stalwart,was identified by the KGB as an Intelligence Bureau (IB) informant in the Indian communist movement.

Not only that, Oleg Kalugin, former KGB major-general (the youngest General officer in the KGB ever and one of the brightest KGB officers), says-

"It seemed like the entire country was for sale: the KGB and the CIA had deeply penetrated the Indian government.""

The KGB not only penetrated the Government, the Cabinet and PMO but also academia, media and all major spheres of influence including the education department. Wherein history books are written (doctored?) to make socialism sound pleasant and awesome.

The CIA wasn’t that successful, though Jaswant Singh (the late foreign minister) wrote in this books- Top Indian civil servant 'was CIA spy' that the top bureaucracy was totally compromised.

In the late 80s there was the famous incident of a Station head getting “Honey Trapped” by the CIA- Madras Cafe brings back uncomfortable memories of the CIA's honey trap

The CIA as per B.Raman (Kaoboys of India fame and former Director of RAW and spymaster for nearly 40 years) used the French Intelligence to spy on India- French intelligence penetrated PMO in 1980s: Ex-RAW official - Times of India

Since the 1990s (after KGB influence declined), the CIA has grown its tentacles stronger and stronger- The Global Intelligence Files.

A country which prides itself on useless motto like “Human Rights”, “Live and Let Live” and other SJW tropes will neither live nor have rights. It will be enslaved and conquered soon by one power or another. The fact of the matter is the same since the days Thucydides thundered in his “History of the Peloponnese War”:

"Since you know as well as we do that right, as the world goes, is only in question between equals in power, while the strong do what they can and the weak suffer what they must."

This country had the Nehru-Gandhi family in command for 48 years which was sold off to the KGB, then it had Morarji Desai, the most inept man in foreign policy who was so foolish that he laid his cards bare to his staunchest enemy and was guilty of achieving the dubious decoration of being awarded their highest order of honour (traitor?). Further IK Gujral dismantled the nascent counter force built during the reign of Narasimha Rao by the stroke of a single pen (The pen is mightier than the sword?? Perhaps when you commit hara-kiri?).