Shocking incident at MP - Death of 6 friends returning to party in Indore.

Death of 6 friends returning to party in Indore due to high speed

Shocking incident at MP - Death of 6 friends returning to party in Indore.
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Six friends died in a road accident in Indore, Madhya Pradesh.  They were returning after partying.  His car collided with a standing tanker from behind.  The collision was so fast that the dumper's Stepney broke and the front of the car went from the back seat.  The accident took place near the Niranjanpur intersection around 1 pm on Monday.

Two friends jumped from the seat and fell on the bonnet.  Some of them had their hands severed from the head.  They were coming from Dewas.  However, it is not yet known where he went to the party and under what circumstances the accident occurred.4 died on the spot, 2 friends died in hospital

SI Narasimha Pal of Lasudia Police said that the car was badly damaged.  It had to be cut out with a gas cutter and the carcasses pulled out.  A total of six people were in it.  Four died on the spot.  Two friends were breathing, but they succumbed at MY Hospital.

 All friends of life lost in Indore

# Rishi (19), 129 Bhagyashree Colony,

 # Golu alias Suraj (25), Malviya Nagar

 # Chhotu alias Chandrabhan Raghuvanshi (23), Malviya Nagar

 # Sonu Jat (23), Adarsh ​​Meghdoot Nagar

 # Sumit (30), Bhagyashree Colony

# Dev(28), 384/3 Malviya Nagar

This horrific accident happened late Monday night at Tasawali Chanda Petrol in the Lassudia police station area of ​​Indore. Where the high-speed car entered the tanker standing on the road. The accident was so terrible that the children of the car flew away and 4 of the 6 friends sitting in it died on the spot. In which the four pieces of the body were broken. At the same time, two more friends also died after some time.

Anyone who saw this terrible scene of the accident shook his heart. Inside the car became blood red and the two boys came to the bonnet and hanged there. Four of the six youths had their heads, hands and torso separated. As soon as the matter was reported, the police reached the spot and the car was removed by cutting the car with a gas cutter.

It is said that all the friends left Indore for Dewas to the party from their house at around 8 pm on Monday. Where he partied at a Dhaba on the highway. Then at one o'clock in the night, he continued to have fun playing music in the car. The speed of the car was also very fast, due to which the driver did not see the tanker standing in front and crashed into it.

Dharmendra Yadav, who works at the petrol pump of the accident, told me that I was putting petrol in the vehicles at the petrol pump. Meanwhile, a loud bang was heard from the highway. After reaching nearby running, MP09 WC 4736 car was entered from behind in the tanker. The boys inside him were screaming in a blood-soaked condition but died shortly after. The car's testicles had flown and the car riders were hanging out of the car.