Domestic air travel becomes expensive: fares increase by 30%

Domestic air travel becomes expensive

Domestic air travel becomes expensive: fares increase by 30%
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Now you have to spend up to 30% more for domestic air travel. The government has increased the air fares fixed for different routes. Along with this, the limit imposed on airline companies to operate flights with maximum 80% capacity as against the pre-Kovid level till 31 March 2021.

Minimum fares have been increased by 10% and maximum fares by 30%. According to the new price band, one-way fares in the economy class on the Delhi-Mumbai route will now be in the range of Rs 3,900-13,000. Earlier it was in the range of 3,500–10,000 rupees. This does not include the user development fee of the airport, passenger safety fee (Rs 150 on domestic route) and GST.

Scheduled domestic operation after lockdown opens from May 25

The scheduled domestic operation was halted from 25 March 2020 after Corona began. From 25 May it began to open slowly with some conditions and one-third of the capacity pre-covid level. Minimum and maximum limits were imposed on air fares, so that airlines do not charge too much and air travel is only for essential purposes. On 3 December 2020, flight capacity was increased to 80% of the pre-Kovid level. Earlier it was 70%.

Some companies still do not want to increase the 80% capacity limit

Recently, an opinion was taken from airlines to increase capacity. Civil Aviation Minister Hardeep Singh Puri said in response to a question in Parliament on Wednesday that some companies now want flights to be opened with 100% capacity, while some other companies do not want to hurry. Opening more than 80% capacity will depend on how the virus is behaving and how comfortable we are with the SOP of airlines.

No intention to keep price band permanent

Puri stated that the minimum and maximum fares were an extraordinary step, which was raised in exceptional circumstances. This was done so that air fares do not increase drastically due to limited availability. He said that we have no intention of keeping the price band permanent. Hopefully, when flights open at pre-covid levels in the summer schedule, we won't have to maintain the fare limit.

Summer schedule will start from last Sunday of March

 The flight schedule in the country is divided into two parts. The winter schedule is from the last Sunday of October to the last Saturday in March. The summer schedule is from the last Sunday of March to the last Saturday of October.