FacePalm! Pakistan at it yet again...

Pakistan has another foot in mouth moment.

FacePalm! Pakistan at it yet again...

In a bizarre event - only by world standards, Pakistan has its own definition of bizarre -  Pakistan's National Assembly passed a resolution to recall its non-existing envoy from France, to protest against the projection of Prophet Mohammed's image on govt building.

The National Assembly asked the government through a unanimous resolution that Pakistan should recall its ambassador in France, in protest against the Islamophobia displayed by the French president, only to find out Pakistan has no ambassador currently posted in Paris.

Its last ambassador, Moin-ul-Haq, left France three months ago when he was transferred to China. Since Moin-ul-Haq’s transfer to China, Pakistan has no envoy in the French capital as the Foreign Office has not designated his replacement as of yet.

Foreign Minister Qureshi – who was among the movers of the resolution in the National Assembly on Monday evening – is aware of the fact that the Pakistan embassy in France is without an ambassador but he didn’t oblige the house by passing on the information amid the heat of discussion regarding the situation.