Latest Technology: How apple will beat google in search engine battles

Apple will end Google's grandeur on search! Google's choice is being made

Latest Technology: How apple will beat google in search engine battles
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  • Google pays Apple billions of dollars to remain the default search engine on iPhone
  • In the US, the Justice Department has made this payment base in the antitrust lawsuit against Google.

The largest smartphone maker Apple has started exploring its options after a US antitrust lawsuit was filed against Google, the world's most popular search engine. According to reports, he is building his own search engine to end his dependence on Google for other devices including his iPhone.

According to a report by the Financial Times, Apple has also started ending Google's grandeur on search.  Apple has started showing its search results in the iPhone's new operating system iOS 14.  This is the first time Google's search results are not visible on any of Apple's operating systems.

Is this the beginning of apple search?

It seems like that only.  The Financial Times report says that as soon as users start typing something, the new OS hj of iPhone, they are seeing direct links to websites on the home screen.  Earlier this service was linked to Google search and the results came from Google.

According to industry experts, web search capability brings Apple's inhouse development.  This could be the beginning of building Apple's own search engine compared to Google.  So far this internal project has been confidential.  But, there is evidence that it is preparing to compete with Google's search engine.

Google is excluded from the search function in the iPhone's latest operating system iOS 14.  Apple calls the Today View as the search window that appears on the right swipe the iPhone's home screen.  On this, search mobilization of Apple appears, not from Google.  These results also have autocomplete style decoration, which is generated by Apple.  It is clear that he is learning about the basic questions of search from the most common questions of one billion users.

Can Apple challenge Google's empire?

  • absolutely.  About two and a half years ago, Apple had added Google search head John Gianndrea to its team.  It was then said that John will work on enhancing the capabilities of Artificial Intelligence and Siri Virtual Assistant.
  • John will have the benefit of 8 years of experience of running the world's most popular search engine.  Apart from this, Apple has also recently given job advertisements for search engineers.  It is looking for people who develop and implement search technology.
  • It is not easy to compete with Google search.  It may take several years.  At the same time, Apple's profit this year is $ 55 billion. The net cash reserve is $ 81 billion.  Company has neither lack of money nor ability, they can spend money for a long time.
  • Apple also has more than one billion Apple devices, to take a big market share from the beginning.  Bill Cogharan, former Google engineering chief and now partner at Silicon Valley's Investor Sequoia Capital, told the Financial Times, "If he (Apple) thinks it should have its own search engine, it won't be hard."  He has a reliable team and I think he has experience and depth. '

What is the need to develop search for Apple?

There are mainly 3 reasons for this: -

  • Apple has always kept its components in its products. Whether it is the custom chips that power the iPods and watch accessories from the iPhone, or the strong integration of its software and hardware.
  •  Apple has made Google the default search engine of the iPhone for more than a decade.  For this, Google pays 8–12 billion dollars annually.  This relationship has been weaponized by the Justice Department in the lawsuit against Google.
  •  Regulators in an antitrust lawsuit may force Apple to defend its relationship with Google or stand against its search partner.  In such a situation, Apple will find the option of developing its search engine more convenient.

How did you know Apple is working on the search?

Search marketing experts claim that Apple's web crawler Applebot's activity has increased in the recent past.  This bot is used to create a database of online content.  This forms the foundation of any search engine.

Digital marketing consultant Suganthan Mohandasan says that Applebot's activity has seen a lot on their clients' websites in the last few weeks.  When the crawl rate increases, it indicates that they are trying to gather more information.

What is the loss of Apple in the case against Google?

The Financial Times report quoted law firm Clifford Chance as Co-Head of Global Antitrust Practice, Sharis Pozon, saying Google's case could open a new front for Apple as well.  Anyway, her fight against her role of App Store Gatekeeper is going on with Epic Games and others.

He says that Apple is at the center in the case against Google.  He has to explain why he took billions of dollars from Google?  The Justice Department can also ask him to end the exclusive agreement.  With this, other companies will also get equal rights in search default of iPhone.