Gujarat's CM Corona positive: Vijay Rupani

Gujarat's CM Corona positive Vijay Rupani

Gujarat's CM Corona positive: Vijay Rupani
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Gujarat Chief Minister Vijay Rupani has been found corona infected. The news agency gave this information. A day earlier, on Sunday itself, Rupani fainted while giving a speech at an election meeting in Vadodara. After this, he was tested, in which he was found infected. Rupani has been admitted to the hospital.

Gujarat Deputy CM Nitin Patel said, 'The Chief Minister was holding a public meeting for several days. Was meeting ordinary people. Corporations were campaigning for elections. His health deteriorated yesterday. He was rushed to the hospital where he was found to be corona positive. He will be hospitalized for about a week.First aid was given on the stage itself

 Rupani reached Nizampura in Vadodara on Sunday to campaign for the civic elections. The Chief Minister fell round at the meeting held here. After this, his program was canceled. The doctors gave Rupani the first aid on the stage itself. After this he himself descended down the stairs. After treatment, Rupani left for Ahmedabad.

Rupani had his third rally of the day at Nizampura in Vadodara. He reached Nizampura after holding election meetings in Tarsali and Karelibagh. The video of the gathering has been shared on the Chief Minister's social media account. Rupani can be seen falling in the last part of it.

Rupani is campaigning continuously

Vijay Rupani is very busy these days regarding the civic elections in the state. One after the other, they are attending several election meetings. According to doctors, fatigue and stress can lead to sudden low blood pressure.

Local leaders said that Rupani was not in good health for the last two days. Despite this, he held a meeting in Jamnagar on Saturday. On Sunday, he reached Vadodara. Elections are to be held on February 21 in 6 municipal corporations including Vadodara. Voting will be held on February 28 for the municipal, district and taluka panchayats.

Modi called and went, advised rest .Gujarat Deputy CM Nitin Patel said that the Chief Minister is feeling well. He was also examined by doctors at Vadodara Airport before leaving for Gandhinagar. After that, they have all investigated in Ahmedabad. Late evening, PM Narendra Modi also called and took the condition of the Chief Minister. He advises Rupani to rest.

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