This Diwali with our people: An Initiative by Hindu IT Cell

ये दिवाली कुछ अपनो के संग" is the initiative by Hindu IT Cell, under this noble cause we will be distributing Diwali celebration kits to the families of Pakistani Hindu brothers and sisters who are staying in refugee camps in Delhi. These kits will have items such are Idols of Lord Ganesha and Goddess Laxmi, Pooja material (sindur, moli dhup etc), Diwali Diyas/Candles, sweets, and some fruits. We request everyone to come forward for this initiative because they are also our family members who have been ignored for a long time and now we have to lift them, hold them, and secure them in India.

This Diwali with our people:  An Initiative by Hindu IT Cell
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This Diwali will be a different one for the Hindu refugees who are from Pakistan and are residing in Delhi for a long. This year various organizations are coming forward to bring a positive change in their life. As the Citizenship Amendment Act 2019 has raised hope for the persecuted minorities who were killed, raped, and abducted on the ground of their religion.

After instilling fear among Anti-nationals and Hindu haters on social media, Hindu IT Cell came up with the initiative "ये दिवाली कुच्छ अपनो के संग" to spread happiness and celebrate Diwali this year with our own people from the other side of the Border. The Hindu IT Cell raised Forty thousand rupees in a matter of two hours a lot of good samaritans turned up to donate for this noble cause. This crowdfunding was raised with the sole motive to distribute Diwali Kits among the refugees who have been ignored for long and they need to be taken care of as they are our own people said HINDU IT CELL.

 Hindu IT Cell has again proved its mettle by coming up with such a noble initiative and this has been widely applauded by the netizens