Hindu phobia in Instagram

Hindu phobia in Instagram
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Day after day, Instagram is becoming a hub for Hindu phobia. Recently a person named Mohammed Shujat Sameer Ali posts wrong translation of Hindu scriptures (Eg - Vedas, Purana, Manusmiriti, Mahabharata etc ) and targeted Hindu community people. 

In the first instance, he told a blatant lie that "Lord Brahma married his own daughter", he also added a wrong translation. However, another user named VedicWisdom refutes his lies and made him a looser.

In another instance, This low IQ Islamist Mohammed Shujat juxtaposed Quran and Upnishada. Once again, his propaganda was busted by VedicWisdow.

Once Mohammed Shujat mentioned “Hoor concept” in Hinduism. He said, “1000's OF APSARAS IN HEAVEN FOR MARTYRS”. But in reality, there is nothing mentioned about Thousands of Apsaras. Example - 1000s of Women wish to marry celebrities, do not mean Celibrities are wrong or The system is wrong, it's natural Desire. NOBODY gets 1000s of Apsaras in Heaven

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@sam_stallone11 You are caught again lying, May Shiva give you sdbuddhi and you may find a good Psychatrist soon

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Here, that cuckold Mohammed Shujat taled about ‘Sex slaves’ by mentioning Dasa, whereas Dasa isn’t sex slave, it’s servent, fisherman. But he is so coward and blind that he couldn’t understand the difference between “Sex Slaves” and “Dasa”.

After the refutation of Mohammed Shujat’s posts by VedicWisdom, that bimbo locked his account and fled away. But the question arise why didn’t Instagram take action against these frauds? This isn’t the first time. A page named - allindiameme_ is continuously posting detrimental posts regarding Hindu deities. Even after doing many reports Instagram said, “It’s not violation of rules”.

It’s a hightime for all Hindus as well as nationalists. Their voices are being suppressed by Social media giants. Nationalist’s creators video’s organic reaches are being down, their accounts were suspended without any reason. Now, only one option is left, that is choosing alternative platform.