Justice for Ayesha: Husband has no regret of Ayesha's suicide, police also shocked by his behavior in lockup

Justice for Ayesha: Husband has no regret of Ayesha's suicide, police also shocked by his behavior in lockup
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In the Ayesha suicide case in Ahmedabad, the Gujarat police arrested her husband Arif from Pali in Rajasthan on Monday night. Police rushed him to Ahmedabad on Tuesday evening, where he was questioned in a lockup. From the arrest to the interrogation in the lockup, it was seen that Arif had no sorrow for Ayesha's suicide.

DCP Ravindra Patel of Ahmedabad Police said that Arif's behavior during the interrogation was shocking as even a small amount of regret was not seen on his face about Ayesha's death. I also asked her questions about Ayesha's miscarriage, to which she agreed. That is, the allegation of Ayesha's family has been found correct that despite Ayesha's condition serious after the abortion, Arif did not even come to see her.

Arif's face was not wrinkled at the time of his arrest

Ayesha jumped into the Sabarmati River last Saturday and committed suicide. Before Suicide, he made a video and sent it to Arif. After Ayesha's suicide, when the video went viral, Arif, a husband living in Jalore, Rajasthan, escaped from the house. When the Gujarat police reached his house in Jalore, the family members had told that he had gone to a wedding and had gone somewhere. Arif was then arrested from Pali on Monday night based on mobile location. When the police caught Arif, he started walking with the police as if nothing had happened. There was no wrinkle on his face.

Arif in police custody till 6 March

The police produced Arif in the Metropolitan Magistrate's Court. The police sought a 5-day remand, but the court granted a 3-day remand. He has been sent to police custody till 3 pm on 6 March.

The lawyer made shocking revelations

Ayesha's lawyer Zafar Pathan made shocking relevation . He had told that 23-year-old Ayesha was married to Arif, who lives in Jalore, Rajasthan. Arif had an affair with a girl from Rajasthan. Arif used to talk to girlfriends on a video call in front of Ayesha. He used to spend money on his girlfriend and that is why he used to demand money from Ayesha's father. Ayesha was shattered by Arif's behavior during her pregnancy. She was in depression. Her baby died in the womb itself.

Arif should be punished: Father of Ayesha 

Ayesha's father Liaquat Ali said on Tuesday that he wanted to call Arif's father to inform him about the whole matter, but he never picked up my phone. My Ayesha will not return, but her culprit must be punished, so that it does not happen to someone else's daughter. My daughter Ayesha was cheerful, but her life was made hell after dowry. Once the in-laws did not even give him food for three days.