In Lucknow , young women have taught a lesson to the street lovers.

Young women have taught a lesson to the street lovers pulling sandals and slapping them on a moving bike

In Lucknow , young women have taught a lesson to the street lovers.
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The Yogi government of Uttar Pradesh is making tireless efforts to empower women. At the same time, some women in the capital have also presented the example of women power. Drunken bike rider molested and molested some girls. At this, the women pulled him from the moving bike and showered a lesson by raining sandals. The police arrested the accused youth.

Walking young women, bike riders sneeze and molest:

The case is near a bank located in Viramkhand in Gomtinagar area. According to eyewitnesses, three-four girls were going for a walk late in the evening on Sunday. Meanwhile, the bike rider came from behind and stopped his car and snatched it. He started running after the protest. At this, the young women ran and caught her and pulled her from the moving bike. The three took off the sandals and beat them fiercely. People of the neighborhood also came to hear the noise. He too beat up the prominence and informed the police. Police arrested the accused, and took his bike

Accused arrested

Inspector KK Tiwari said that he has been arrested by registering a report against Shohade. He is Vikas Kumar Verma, a resident of Jugauli. He was badly was intoxicated.