In Ranchi, the bodies lay in queue the cremation ground was low, the bodies had to be burnt in the open. Funeral on the road too

After waiting for hours at the funeral site, when people could not find the place, then people started burning pyre in the open there itself.

In Ranchi, the bodies lay in queue the cremation ground was low, the bodies had to be burnt in the open. Funeral on the road too
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The deaths during the Corona era in Ranchi have broken all records. In the last 10 days, there has been a huge increase in the number of sudden dead bodies in the crematorium and cemetery of Ranchi. A record 60 bodies were cremated on Sunday. Among these, 12 bodies belonged to the Kareena Sanctimities, which were cremated by mass cremation at the Ghaghra. Besides, 35 bodies were burnt at five crematoriums and 13 were buried at Ratu Road and Kantatoli Cemetery. The cremation of the dead bodies took place at Harmu Mukti Dham.

The number of the dead became so high that the place of burning pyre in Muktidham decreased. People waited for hours, but if they could not find a place, then they started burning the dead body by decorating the pyre in the open. Due to lack of space in the crematorium, they started the last action by placing the dead body in the parking of the vehicles on the road in front of Muktidham. Things became such that in the late evening many people in Muktidham waited for their turn with the dead body

The suffering family of the dead bodies is such that a request is made to burn the dead body.

To burn the dead body, now we have to appeal to the corporation administration. In Mendham, the electric corpse machines were damaged, and the officers of the Marwari Auxiliary Committee came to the office shortly after five fines. Everyone had only one demand - make the funeral arrangements quick.

Never seen such a scene

Raju Ram, who burnt the corpse from the rains in Harmu Muktidham, said - Never seen such a scene before. There are queues of economies where the cars park. Taking out the dead body from the ambulance, keeping it on the road. Even before the last rites, there were no legal regulations.

After increasing load the machines were also defected Maire's figure increased from Corona, while the machines burning bodies in Harmu Maekdham were also stalled. These gas-powered machines were not able to heat up as per the requirement. After this, the Marwari Auxiliary Committee management made it clear that cremation cannot take place till the machines are repaired. It is the only Mexdham in the city, where the funeral procession of Corona is held.

By the next day, there were queues of 12 dead bodies infected with Corona. Till late evening the attempt to fix the machine failed, the Municipal Corporation decided to burn the infected dead bodies in Ghaghra. This was followed by a collective funeral pyre at the Ghaghra cremation ground late at night.