Indian Army: In a league of its own

Indian Army: In a league of its own

India foils Chinese attempt to intrude in Pangong Lake area, captures important heights. PLA officials refuse to mount a counter-attack.

  • India holds a stronger position in important areas, PLA not able to properly monitor the Chushul-Demchok road.
  • Retired Colonel Ranbir Jakhar told IANS that Chinese are now barely able to keep an eye on the Chushul-Demchok road.
  • IANS issued a report quoting Colonel Jakhar. He calls the Chinese - chocolate soldiers.

Indian Army has captured strategically important heights in eastern Ladakh region. As per reports, PLA soldiers are overawed by Indian Jawans since 29-30 August incidents. When asked to mount a counter-attack, the officers from PLA refused to comply.


Why are Indian soldiers better than the Chinese counterpart?

  • According to Colonel Jakhar, when it comes to mountain warfare, the training of Indian soldiers is much better than the Chinese soldiers. Also, the Indian Army has demonstrated that it's the man behind the machine that matters.

Why are Chinese Soldiers called 'Chocolate-Soldier'?

  • The retired colonel described the Chinese soldiers as chocolate-soldiers. He defined it through the play "Arms and the Man" written by George Bernard Shaw. Colonel Jakhar said that Shaw in his play wrote, those who enlist in the army for money, and are afraid to face the bullet are chocolate-solders. Chinese soldiers are no different, they will melt in the heat of battle, and the PLA Generals also know this reality.
  • Most of the Chinese soldiers come from wealthy families; they are used to a life of comfort and are unfit fight a war.


  • Also, the current generation of PLA soldiers belong to the era of 'one-child rule', they are used to pampering, these soldiers only bide their time, and wait for the hour until they are allowed to quit the army, at the end of their 4 to 5 years' term. They have never considered a possibility of life away from the comfort of their homes, which weakens their fighting spirit.

Why are Indian jawans stronger?

  • According to Colonel Jakhar, Indian soldiers are inherently stronger. Usually, from a rural background, they are trained rigorously by the army, and swear by - the more you sweat during peacetime, the less you bleed in war.
  • Indian soldiers are expert at mountains/forests/deserts/guerrilla warfare and are ready to face the enemy under any circumstances.


  • Unlike Chinese soldiers who are mandatorily enlisted, Indian soldiers do it voluntarily, forever ready to lay down their lives for the country.
  • Indian have fought in the icy climes of Siachen and thwarted many attacks by Pakistan. They can fight in the heat of the desert, and the freezing cold of the mountains.


China is constantly trying to occupy Indian areas.

On the night of 29/30 August, Chinese troops tried to capture the hill at the southern end of Pangong Lakes but were thwarted by Indian troops. Since then, the soldiers of both countries are standing face to face.

 On 7th September, Chinese troops tried to march towards the Indian post, in the southern area and fired warning shots. However, they were stopped by the Indian troops. A picture of the incident has also emerged, in which Chinese soldiers are seen carrying spears, rods and sharp weapons.