India's new strategy against China

India's new strategy against China
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After the Galwan-Valley incident, the Indian government realised that China’s 'Word and Word' are different and that is why on 29th August, India sent it’s Special Frontier Force(SFF) - Vikas/Bikas Regiment - to capture strategic hight in Trishul sector.

The Special Frontier Force(SFF) comprises of Tibetian refugees. When PLA was pushed back by Tibetian soldiers, a border message was sent by Delhi to Beijing that the Tibetian-Card is now out in the open. On LAC, an SFF soldier was martyred during the operation, and that was the first time the world came to know about SFF. The Indian & Tibetian Govt gave full honours to the fallen brave, it was emotional and mesmerising to witness - a son of two soils, covered in two flags.

The Tibetian Government in Exile and Indian Member of Parliament showed their solidarity with the SFF martyr's family. Buddhist dharma guru H.H. Dalai Lama said that he will visit Taiwan and other democratic countries that view China as a threat to world peace & development. The USA also pressurised China through restriction on Chinese official found involved in anti-Tibetian activities.

A senior defence expert stated that China fears three ‘T's - Tibet, Taiwan & Tiananmen. It is obvious that this is not Nehru’s India, this India can retaliate against China when needed.