iPhone Scam: Blackmailing and Extortion?

iPhone Scam: Blackmailing and Extortion?
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In previous parts of the story, we learned about the propaganda behind the alleged "iPhone scam" that came into the limelight as one of the Twitter users "Nishant Singh, (Twitter handle @Nishant_India") posted a video along with a series of tweets to allegedly "expose" an NRI businessman Hitesh a.k.a Neel Patel. However, that was one part of the story and there was no solid evidence provided by them to support their allegations and netizens decided to become the jury on Twitter itself. 

Mr. Nishant Singh, along with posting the video and some 'Hearsay' snippets of a selective chat, also posted a ".RPT" format of a Bank statement which belonged to the Squeaks Technology OPC Pvt Ltd which belongs to the father of Mr. HItesh a.k.a Neel Patel.

While posting this screenshot of the Bank statement, Mr. Nishant Singh, very proudly boasted about how he has 'Access' to the said bank account in the Bank of Baroda.

While, the question that followed and intrigued everyone was that How, without any consent or authority, did Nishant Singh had access to the Bank account of Squeaks.

The Squeaks Technology OPC Pvt. Ltd. wrote to the Bank of Baroda, asking for clarification on the same as it was speculated that either the Bank account was illegally hacked or illegally accessed which directs towards an internal compromise of the Bank.

In recent developments, the Bank of Baroda had to release a statement for the claim by Nishant in which he had said that "They" have access to everything and posted bank statement of "Squeaks Technology Services OPC Private Limited" and in revert to the Notice sent by Squeaks to BOB.

But what was the purpose of doing all this?

For that let's go through some events again.

We've seen that Miss Sunaina holey had mud-slinging on the BJP's official spokesperson Mr. Suresh Nakhua by calling him a "Dalla" and fraud for helping in crowdfunding for brain surgery of a young girl. Mr. Suresh Nakhua had tweeted about the successful surgery of the child and posted a video of her father thanking everyone for their contribution. 

But Miss Holey continued to call him a fraud by saying that she has called into the hospital to inquire, but the hospital didn't provide her any information. Miss Holey forgot that the hospitals do not disclose the private information of their patients to any third party. 

Even after so many revelations about the illegal access of the bank account of an entity by Nishant Singh and tarnishing the image of the loyal Laryakartas, ministers and  BJP as a whole by Sunaina Holey neither of them has come forward with a viable explanation rather Miss Sunaina Holey stoop to a new low of threatening and blackmailing over politicians of BJP and ruining their political career. 

Mr. Suresh Nakhua has come forward after these allegations and has befittingly replied to Miss Holey's threat on behalf of all the loyal BJP Karyakartas and Ministers and has said that their loyalty doesn't need a certificate from these pseudo-Right Wingers. Apart from this, another loyal Karyakarta of BJP Mr. Ashish Merkhed has also come forward and clarified that the ex-CM Maharashtra Mr. Devendra Fadnvis doesn't have any sister does refute all the claims made by Miss Holey.  We would be glad if Mr. Nitin Gadkari and someone from Late Manohar Parikar's family also come forward and clarify the claims made by Miss Holey. 

We have been getting information from our trusted sources that after these explosive revelations many Karyakartas of BJP are allegedly getting threats and are being forced to tweet against  Hitesh Patel and Suresh Nakhua. 

Such pseudo-right-wingers are a threat to the ecosystem of the Right Wing and a thorough investigation of all these illegal acts whether hacking, blackmailing, threatening or extortion must take place.