iPhone Scam: Reality of alleged iPhone Scam. BOB breaches Privacy ?( Part - 3)

iPhone Scam: Reality of alleged iPhone Scam.  BOB breaches Privacy ?( Part - 3)
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This is our 3rd part of "iPhone Scam - Truth or ego satisfaction?". We have released Part 1 and Part 2 of this topic. Previously in Part 1, we presented Neel Patel's side refuting the allegations and in Part 2 exposed an alleged Right Winger's bitter side and her take on BJP karyakartas, leaders and Party as a whole. But we haven't talked about Nishant and his other claims. Now we are going to refute his all claims.

Nishant made a thread on the iPhone scam and he said that he has access to Neel's bank transaction and so on. 

Squeaks Tech team mailed Baroda Bank and asked how can Nishant access the bank details of Squeaks, Is their website hacked or any employee passed this data to Nishant?

This is a serious privacy breach. Bank of Baroda must answer this. 

Now, Nishant deleted that tweet, but we have an archive link to the tweet. [ archive - https://archive.is/NgPBH ]

We also saved the cache of that tweet - click here to see.

Nishant today made another hilarious claim. He shared a receipt copy of Brilyant IT solution and claimed Neel scammed as he lives in the USA and ordered phones from an Indian company. After Squeaks Mail to Bank of Baroda, Nishant has removed the tweet from his account but we have archived the link.

Nishant was the first person to claim that there was an alleged Iphone Scam by Neel Patel. But today he shared an invoice copy of Brilyant IT Sol. where it is clearly mentioned about Delivery time as well as the total number of iPhones. When Nishant exposed himself by sharing an invoice copy, he asked, "Did you get refund from the same account number or via Razorpay through which you did payment? If not, where is the money you sent? And from whose money you got refund/iphone?" Now, if a user get iPhone or fully refund, how can he say this was scam?? People must think about this. 

Here is the invoice shared by Nishant -

Nishant went on a blocking spree when he was questioned by the netizens on the issue.

Now, let's see another allegation by Sunaina. Today Sunaina asked people to uninstall Squeaks app as Neel wants to create Keylogger -

Sunaina Holey shared a cropped image to again malign Neel Patel and tried to continue the panic on twitter. But in reality, Neel asked for a 'keylogger' for his office and personal space. Moreover, we can say Sunaina doesn't have any knowledge about Key logger and it's working method. Here Sunaina's propaganda fails miserably -

Here is the full SS - 

This person himself was amazed about the ongoing iPhone scam. He said, " Lagta inki free ka income band kr di". People should think about this side too.

We all know Sunaina ran a hate campaign not against only Neel but other several prominent BJP Karyakartas and Leaders. In that process, she claimed she left her 40 lakh package job. In a chat snipet shared, Ms. Holey can be seen seeking help from the same Neel Patel whom she is claiming to be a fraud.

Sunaina's claim on her job -

Sunaina's reality at Neel's chatting -

After such hate campaign against Kashmiri Hindus, BJP and it's karyakartas, she continues to threaten and blackmail 'Politicians' by saying she has Strong evidences against them.

Nishant Singh, Abhimanyu Singh Rana and Sunaina Holey created a controversy of the alleged iPhone scam without even trying to show the other side of the story. This hate campaign became an opportunity for the Left inclined self proclaimed journalist like Zoo Bear in further tarnishing the image of the Right Wing. And this has certainly raised some questions on the loyalty of this alleged Right Wingers.