Humanity ashamed again: Minor girl raped and killed,tore into pieces

Humanity ashamed again: Minor girl raped and killed,tore into pieces

Kanpur Police revealed a flabbergasting case of the murder of a six-year-old girl on the night of Diwali in Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh. Police have arrested four people, including the couple, in the case. The girl was murdered in the name of black magic. The couple had no children, so they stabbed the little girl to death.

The nephew, along with a friend, first raped the minor and strangled her to death. After this, her liver was taken out and was given to the couple The couple ate some part of the liver and fed the rest of the dog. The couple paid Rs 500 to the nephew and Rs 1000 to his friend to execute the crime.

The earlier girl went to the neighborhood store to get the goods but didn't return. Rural SP Brijesh Srivastava said that the 7-year-old daughter of a person from Bhadras village of Ghatampur police station area went to the neighborhood store on Saturday evening to take some items, but did not return home. The family kept searching for her in the night and later informed the police. Some people found the mutilated body of the girl near Kali temple in the morning. There were no clothes on the body and her slippers were lying soaked with blood.

Later the police took both into custody ,and Biran from the village itself. At first both continued to mislead the police, but eventually, they broke into tears and made a statement. Ankul told that uncle Parshuram had told him that he had read in a book that if he ate the liver of a child with his wife, then the child would be born.  

For this, Parashuram gave Ankul some money. Before executing the incident, Ankul first took liquor with his friend Biran and then brought her to the house on the pretext of getting a firecracker to the girl living in the neighborhood. Then, taking the forest, raped her, and then strangled her to death. Later, after tearing the stomach, took out all the organs from inside and took away Parashuram. According to Ankul, uncle Parshuram along with his aunt ate the baby girl and fed the remaining parts to the dog. Then tied them in polythene and thrown away. Chacha prepared me for this work by giving me 500 rupees and friend Beeran Kuril for 1000 rupees.