Largest cricket stadium in the world: Motera with a capacity of 1.10 lakhs ready for India-England Day Night Test; 4 dressing rooms for teams

Largest cricket stadium in the world: Motera with a capacity of 1.10 lakhs ready for India-England Day Night Test;  4 dressing rooms for teams
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Cricket fans have been waiting to enjoy the match for a long time sitting in Motera, the world's largest cricket stadium in Ahmedabad. Now their wait is going to end, as from February 24, India and England will start the third Test match here. The fourth Test will also be played in Motera from March 3.

Due to the Corona Guideline, in this stadium with a capacity of one lakh 10 thousand spectators, only 50 percent of the spectators will be able to watch the match. In this connection, today we are talking about how the idea of ​​building this stadium came up and what are its other features.

Motera is the vision of PM Modi

In a conversation with Dainik Bhaskar, Vice President of Gujarat Cricket Association Parimal Nathwani said that this is the vision of Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Prime Minister Modi wanted to renovate the old stadium and make it state-of-the-art and the largest stadium in the world.

360 degree stadium 

We usually see in the cricket stadium that the spectators always like to sit in the front line, because the match can be watched without any hindrance. At the same time, the specialty of Motera Stadium is that there is not a single pillar or any other bottleneck in the middle of the stadium. This means that the match can be enjoyed by sitting in any stand.

World's first stadium, where 11 multiple pitches

Anil Patel, joint secretary of the Gujarat Cricket Association, said, "Red clay and black soil have been used in the construction of 5 out of 11 pitches of Motera. In addition to the main ground at Motera, there are two practice grounds. Both have 9–9 multiple pitches. Of these, 5 pitches are made from red clay and 4 black clay.

Made at a cost of 700 crores 

The stadium, built at a cost of about 700 crore rupees, also has an Olympic size swimming pool. The stadium has 4 dressing rooms. The entire stadium complex is on 63 acres. Apart from this there are separate courts for boxing, badminton, tennis. Not only this, hockey and football fields are also in this campus.

Melbourne was the biggest cricket stadium till now

Earlier, Melbourne, Australia was named in the world's largest cricket stadium. Motera Stadium has a viewing capacity of 1 lakh 10 thousand. At the same time, Melbourne Cricket Ground (MCG) of Australia has a capacity of one million viewers. In such a situation, Motera is the largest cricket stadium in the world. However, to obtain the status of the world's largest stadium in the Guinness Book of World Records, the stadium must have so many spectators.

76 corporate box 

The stadium has 76 corporate boxes. VIPs will enjoy the match by sitting in these corporate boxes. Each box has 25 seats. This means that 1900 seats are reserved for big celebrities in the stadium. Apart from this, there is a system of food and hospitality in every stand, so that the audience sitting in any corner will get this facility.

The match will not be canceled even in rain, the ground will dry up in 30 minutes

 This is usually the case that the match does not start long after the rain stops, because after that the entire stadium has to dry. This problem will not come in Motera Stadium, because the sub-soil drainage system is designed here in such a way that it will be dried in just 30 minutes. That is, the match will not be canceled even if it rains 8 cm.

Use of LED lights for the first time in India

Till now we have seen the use of LED lights only in Australia and England, but this can now be seen in Motera Stadium as well. This will be the first stadium in India to use LED lights. The use of LED lights will not reflect the shadow.

 4 dressing rooms with in-built gymnasium

There are 4 dressing rooms with stadium. It is the only stadium in the world with this facility. Gymnasium is attached to each dressing room. The stadium has 6 indoor pitches, where balling machines also have facilities.

Motera Club House

Motera also has a state-of-the-art club house, with 50 deluxe rooms and five suite rooms, indoor and outdoor games, restaurants, Olympic size swimming pool, gymnasium, party area, 3D projector theater / TV room.

 Coaching classes for other sports as well

Cricket Academy is also being prepared here to prepare future talented players. Apart from this, sports academy will also be made for other sports like football, hockey, basketball, kabaddi, boxing, lawn tennis, running track.