Munger Police Captain Lipi Singh's Suspension news surfaces over Social Media, Official Confirmation yet to come

Munger Police Captain Lipi Singh's Suspension news surfaces over Social Media, Official Confirmation yet to come

Twitter account of Munger Police has been deactivated after the police found itself in a centre of a furor over the brutality unleashed by their personnel on the innocent devotees who participated in the Durga Puja immersion ceremony in the town a few days back.

Police open fire at Durga Visarjan procession in Munger

Several videos of the incident had gone viral on the internet in which police officials of Munger Police were seen mercilessly beating the devotees with batons. An 18-year-old boy was killed and several others were injured in the ensuing violence.

The violence, as per initial reports, broke out after Kotwali police asked Hindus not to delay the idol immersion procession of Shadipur Badi Durga. Traditionally, the idols are immersed after three days of Vijayadashami but this time, in view of the first phase of Assembly polls in the state on Wednesday, the administration had insisted on the immersion by 5 am on Tuesday.

Durga puja organizers, as instructed, had taken out the procession allegedly with DJs close to midnight as they headed for the immersion. The situation turned ugly around 11.50 pm when police officials used force on Hindus going for Durga Puja Visarjan.

As violence gripped the town of Munger in Bihar during the Durga Puja immersion ceremony and led to the death of one participant, SP Munger Lipi Singh came in the defense of the police brutalities on the devotees, claiming that the stone-pelting from devotees provoked the ensuing violence. She also asserted that 20 policemen were injured by stone-pelting from the crowd.

Singh further said that one of the members of the crowd opened fire which led to the death of the 18-year-old devotee and police has no role in his death

However, the videos of the incident that are being circulated on various social media platforms do not match with the assertions made by SP Munger. On the contrary, they demonstrate that Singh’s claim about devotees indulging in violence and stone-pelting is a far cry from reality.

In several videos of the incident, devotees can be seen rushing to protect their Goddess as police personnel rain batons on the peaceful devotees, presumably to protect her from the police assault.

After the backlash, there are unverified claims of SP Lipi Singh suspension from services. However, there is no official  confirmation in that regard yet.