Love Jihaad:This needs to be stopped

Love Jihaad:This needs to be stopped

A piece of flabbergasting news came where, a 23-year-old woman was brutally beheaded by her husband for allegedly refusing to convert to Islam in Sonbhadra, Uttar Pradesh. The woman's beheaded body was recovered in a forest area near Preet Nagar under the Chopan police station area on Monday (21 September)informed by SP Sonbhadra in the media interaction. Police traced the identity of the body through advertisements on social media. On Tuesday, Laxminarayan from Preet Nagar identified the victim as his daughter Priya Soni from her shoes and clothes found from the spot.

The father of the victim told police that Priya got hitched with Ejaz Ahmed against the whims of the family a few months back. He told the police that Ejaz was pressuring her to convert to Islam, to which she did not agree and later resulted in her death. The police after the investigation found that Ejaz had made an arrangement for her stay at a lodge in the Obra area while continuously pressurizing her to convert. When Priya refused, Ejaz with the help of his friend Shoaib took her to the forest area and killed her.

Historical roots of Love Jihad

The usual suspects would argue that the incident should not be “communalized”.

It is an example of hypocrisy and shamelessness where the self-styled progressives refuse to recognize who actually is communal — the person who targets Hindu women based on their religion. Instead, the victims get talking. The argument is that the incident should only be seen as a one-off tragedy, an unfortunate event. Those who cannot frame any question outside the majority-minority lens suddenly become radical individualists — the crime is about two individuals and has nothing to do with a larger society or context. This cannot be farther from the truth.

Love Jihad or Grooming gangs is not merely a conspiracy cooked out of thin air by ‘Hindu nationalists’.Like Cow the body of Hindu women has been the instrument for expressing the ‘might of Islam’ and subjugation of Hindus.

There have been various instance which proves that foreign-funded Islamist organizations are rendering support and promising hefty money and other rewards to Muslim youth who lure non-Muslim women into marriage and conversion. It isn’t without a reason that young women formed the “single largest pool of converts” going to fight for the Islamic State &  it isn’t a coincidence that the two Indian women who left Kerala to join the Islamic State, and another woman accused in Sri Lankan Easter bombings all were recent converts.

A 2017 sting operation carried out by a media house caught on camera the functionaries of Popular Front of India (PFI) proclaiming their goal of converting India into an Islamic nation or GAZWA-E-HIND and proudly boasting of converting thousands of women to Islam through institutions disguised as ‘educational’ or ‘charitable’.

Kerala High Court has itself recognized the problem of Love Jihad. In judgement of Shahan Shah vs State Of Kerala, the High Court quoted that there was a “concerted effort” to convert girls of other religions to Islam and marry them off to Muslim men. The role of the PFI came out in the case. The court noted that there had been 3,000-4,000 such conversions in the past four years, and it was clear there was a concerted effort to convert girls of a particular religion to another with the 'blessings of some outfits'.The historical hatred for polytheists and idol-worshippers, aspirations of demographic ascendance, and the targeting of non-Muslim women are deeply connected issues, and the Islamist rhetoric filled with the above is remarkably similar even when separated in space and time. Any woman, who resists the fulfillment of the above goals, is subjected to torture and abuse.

Unfortunately, Priya Soni isn’t the first and will not be the last to be victimized by the ideological Hindu-hatred peddled by the Islamist machinery.