Communal angle behind ghastly triple murder in Mirzapur?

Three young boys found dead. Locals claim communal angle involved.

Communal angle behind ghastly triple murder in Mirzapur?
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In a bone-chilling incident, bodies of three young boys were recovered from a pond in Bami, Mirzapur. 

The boys Sudhansu Tiwari(14), Subham Tiwari (14), and Hariom Tiwari (14) were cousins. The family claims that the boys were murdered and their eyes had been gouged out.

The initial report by police claimed that deaths were due to drowning, but postmortem report indicates that the boys were murdered. The report states that eyes were impaled by some sharp object, probably a knife, which also caused brain haemorrhage leading to the deaths. 

So far the police have abstained from making any official statement, however, as per the locals, a communal angle is involved in the murders. Deceased's friends claimed that one of the boys was in touch with a girl from the local Muslim community and that they have been murdered by the girl's father Salim because of it.

Case Highlights so far:

  • Three dead bodies recovered from a pond. Eyes severely damaged.
  • Police had initially stated that the boys died due to drowning and that their eyes had been eaten by fishes; postmortem refutes this claim.
  • The family claims to have searched the site of bodies recovery earlier as well and did not find anything back then.
  • Some people have claimed to have seen boys riding a silver bike belonging to Salim, on the day they went missing.