BREAKING: Someone hacked the twitter account of NCW chairperson Rekha Sharma & write against PM Narendra Modi.

BREAKING: Someone hacked the twitter account of NCW chairperson Rekha Sharma & write against PM Narendra Modi.
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Nowadays it has become very common for anyone to hack any social media account, in such a situation, another circumstances came in front of us where PM Narendra Modi himself said that someone had hacked his website twitter account and wrote anything from their account which is inappropriate.

A series of tweets were sent from the account asking followers to donate cryptocurrency to a relief fund.

Twitter said it was aware of the activity and had taken steps to secure the compromised account.

This is the latest high-profile Twitter security breach after similar attacks in July on US presidential hopeful Joe Biden and Tesla founder Elon Musk.

The account, with more than 2.5m followers, is the official Twitter handle for Mr Modi's personal website.

His personal Twitter account, which was unaffected by this incident, has more than 61m followers.

Meanwhile, A video of President Trump addressing an October 19 campaign rally and saying, “nobody gets hacked” has gone viral, as reported by Kate O’Flaherty. This is not surprising, given the actual video clip goes on to claim that hackers have an IQ of 197 and need “about 15% of your password” to succeed.

It seems that this particular line of thought was sparked by C-SPAN political editor Steve Scully admitting to lying about his own Twitter account being hacked.

The ridiculousness of the comments aside, the Trump video clip immediately reminded me of a story I reported earlier this year: Can You Guess Trump’s Twitter Password?

Now, objecting to such a situation, NCW Chair Person Rekha Sharma has also said that her Twitter account was hacked and her Twitter account also made objectionable tweets about Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

She Wrote on Twitter,

"Someone hacked my account and tweeted against @narendramodi. Infect I was in flight when this was tweeted. How mischievous people are. Coming from #Maharashtra and can understand why it happened."

Twitter says the hack that compromised the accounts of some of its most high-profile users targeted 130 people. The hackers were able to reset the passwords of 45 of those accounts.

The San Francisco-based company said in a blog post Saturday that for up to eight of these accounts the attackers also downloaded the account's information through the "Your Twitter Data" tool. None of the eight were verified accounts, Twitter said, adding that it is contacting the owners of the affected accounts.