New rules for foreigners: Corona negative report has to be submitted on the portal, report not older than 72 hours is valid

New airport and flying rules for foreigners due to Covid-19

New rules for foreigners: Corona negative report has to be submitted on the portal, report not older than 72 hours is valid
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In view of the spread of the mutant variant of SARS Kovid-2 worldwide, the government has issued new guidelines for air travelers coming from abroad. It will replace the old guidelines issued on 2 August 2020 and will come into force from 11.59 pm on 22 February. The Ministry of Aviation gave this information on Wednesday.

Guidelines for those coming from countries other than UK, Europe and Middle East

 Before preparing for the trip

1)A self declaration form has to be submitted on the Air Suvidha portal before traveling.

2) Covid's negative RT-PCR test report will also have to be uploaded. This report should not be more than 72 hours old.

3)All passengers will also be required to declare the authenticity of the RT-PCR test report. If it is found to be false, criminal action will be taken.

4)Passengers will have to give an undertaking to the Air Suvidha Portal or Ministry of Aviation through their airline that they will accept the 14-day home quarantine or self-health monitoring decision if needed.

5)Only those people who are coming here due to the death of someone in the family will be allowed to come to India without a negative report. To avail this exemption, the pensioners will have to apply on the online portal ( at least 72 hours before boarding. The government will take the final decision on this.

Before boarding

1)All passengers will be informed of Do's and Don'ts by the airlines or the concerned agency.

2)The airline will allow boarding only those passengers who have submitted self declaration and negative test reports on the Air Suvidha portal.

3)All travelers will be advised to download the Arogya Setu app on mobile.

4)Sanitization and disinfection of the passenger will be done at the airports.

5)Physical distancing will be taken care of during boarding.

 For flights coming from UK, Europe and Middle East

 1)All passengers must submit a Self Declaration Form of Corona Negative on the Air Suvidha Portal before traveling. Along with this, a 14-day travel history will also have to be told.

2)Along with giving all the information related to the Self Declaration Form, it has to be selected whether they will land where the flight is going or catch another flight from there.

 3)If they select the option of catching another flight, then the copy of their declaration form will have T (Transit) written in large font.

4)Those connecting flights coming from the UK, Brazil and South Africa will be told by the airlines at the time of booking the tickets that the transit time will be at least 6-8 hours.

5)The ministry said that travelers coming from Britain, Europe and West Asia will also have to follow these guidelines, but separate guidelines have been issued for them to check and keep them separate.

New guidelines have been issued for all passengers arriving from flights originating from the UK, Europe and West Asia. The government has suspended scheduled international flights till 28 February.

The central government on Wednesday issued new guidelines for people coming from abroad in view of the spread of new variants (mutant variants) of the corona virus in many countries. This new Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) will remain in force from 23: 59 minutes on the night of 22 February till the next order arrives.