New Twist in Punch in lieu of Lunch, Hearing the statement of the delivery boy, people came in his favor, Zomato Founder also called his rating excellent

Hearing the statement of the delivery boy people came in his favor. Banglore Zomato case

New Twist in Punch in lieu of Lunch, Hearing the statement of the delivery boy, people came in his favor, Zomato Founder also called his rating excellent
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Zomato's delivery boy was arrested on Wednesday for assaulting a woman for canceling orders in Bengaluru. But now the matter seems a little complicated. Delivery boy Kamaraj has put his side on the incident. Kamaraj claims that the woman herself hurt her body.

In fact, Hitesha Chandrani, a content creator, had put a video on social media alleging that Zomato's delivery boy hit a punch in his face. After which the matter came into the limelight.

The statement of the delivery boy is quite the opposite

Kamaraj said- I apologized to him first when the delivery was late due to traffic. But, she constantly quarreled with me about lying down. When the woman refused to give him the money, I asked her to return the food. But, the girl did not return the food. During this time, when he tried to kill me with slippers. While I was protecting myself, the girl's hand fell on her mouth and she was hurt by the ring.

After hearing the statement, people came in favor of the delivery boy

After the delivery boy's statement surfaced, some people are seen taking a stand for Kamaraj on social media.

The Youth Against tweeted that "we don't know whether he hit her or defended himself . But Zomato fired him without listening to his story . So the whole process is beyond the truth. We doubt he Whether it will fight in court or not. The truth is that no one wants to know the truth.

After which Zomato replied that we are constantly in touch with our delivery partner, it has been suspended only for police investigation. Zomato says that he is constantly helping him. 

Kamaraj has a rating of 4.75 out of 5 stars - Jomato's Founder

Zomato founder Dipendra Goel has also issued a statement on the same controversy. Deepender Goyal said, 'We want to reach the truth in every case. We are in touch with both Hitesha and Kamaraj and are helping to complete the investigation. 'Deepender Goyal said that we are raising the medical expenses of Hitesha and providing the rest. Also giving full support to Kamaraj on his behalf. As per the rule, Kamaraj has been suspended for now. We are raising all the legal expenses of Kamaraj. Kamaraj has made 5000 deliveries in his 26-month career, rating him 4.75 out of 5 stars. Which is one of the fantastic.

The matter is  from March 10, Hitesha told the story by sharing the video

Hitesha shared the video on social media on 10 March. In which she was telling how Jomato delivery boy attacked her. So far, about 18 million people have watched this video. Hitesha says that he had ordered food from Jomato at three and a half in the afternoon, but the delivery boy did not come till around half past two in the evening, he called the customer care and asked to cancel the order. Shortly after, the delivery boy arrived, he refused to take the order. There was a debate between the two on this matter. Meanwhile, the delivery boy hit the punch on his nose and escaped. After this Hitesha started bleeding from his nose. His bone is also fractured