Nila Roy - Love Jihad case in Bangladesh

Nila Roy - Love Jihad case in Bangladesh
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Another horrendous Love jihad case in Bangladesh. Nila Roy, returned proposal to oppose conversion to Islam, was killed by Mizanur Rahman.

Nila Roy said, " Even I die, I will not leave my religion to accept your religion" Mizanur replied, " If you don't accept Islam, you will be killed". Mizanur killed Nila by a sharpen knife and dumped her body in drain. Though Narayan Roy, father of Nila Roy did FIR in police, Bangladesh police wasn't able to catch Mizanur Rehman. 

মুসলিম হয়ে বিয়ে করতে রাজি না হওয়ায় প্রকাশ্যে রাস্তায় খুন হতে হল ১৪ বছর বয়সী হিন্দু কিশোরীকে। প্রস্তাব ফিরিয়ে দিয়ে নিহত...

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This is not single case of Love Jihad in Bangladesh. There are several incident where Hindu girls are being raped, killed by Muslim boys and these incidents are being neglected by Islamist Govt of Bangladesh. Situation of Bengali Hindus are in a serious danger, their voices are being suppressed by Bangladesh Government.

Netizen's from Bangladesh are condemning this incident alo demanding intervention of Govt.

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