Shocking - Nirbhaya-like incident in Bhopal !

Shocking - Nirbhaya-like incident in Bhopal !
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On January 16, a 24-year-old Nikki (name changed) from Kolar area of ​​Bhopal was tried for a roadside rape near JK Hospital. When Nikki protested, the accused threw a stone on her head. When the stroke fell, the spine was broken. The operation was done at AIIMS, 42 stitches came, but now she cannot even move. Nikki recalls for the first time ... 

'I left on Evening Walk like every day at around 7.30 pm on 16 January. From JK Hospital, going towards the road towards Danishkunj intersection, about 200 meters ahead of the hospital, a boy appeared near the nursery. As soon as he came closer, he pushed fast. I fell straight into the road, five feet deep in Khanti. Spine bone is broken. I tried to get the jacket off, but it jerked me into the bushes. He started scratching my body, cutting through teeth. He was trying for misdeeds. I kept running with my arms and legs, but he was beating. '

'When I screamed, he picked up the stone and hit it on the head several times. I could not understand what to do. It took a moment that it would not leave me alive, so to save my life, I prayed - You will rape me, I will not shout, nor will I call anyone. But don't get stoned. Let me take some breath. He stopped stoning, misbehaving with the body for five minutes. I shouted for help. Thankfully, my voice was heard by a young woman coming out of there. Both entered the bushes. On seeing them, the survivor left me half-hearted and ran away.

Nikki further said, 'Just remembering that before she fainted, both of them called someone and called the car and took me in it. She brought me AIIMS. My spine was broken. There was a deep injury to the head, many stares also came Doctors have placed a rod in the spine. The operation is done, but I cannot move even an inch of my own free will. The left side below the waist is numb with paresis disease. The left leg keeps on moving without stopping. At least every second of the next six months is to be spent in bed. The pain that the victim gave, the more the policy is misleading. Kolar police reached AIIMS on 17 January. They seized the record with a CCTV camera mounted at a juice centre near Danishkunj intersection, in which she is seen pushing the survivor from the front.

The police kept saying for three days that the accused would be acquainted. But 20 days later, suddenly he told that a young man from Mahabali Nagar has confessed to the crime. Arrested him, but did not show the man to me to date. I asked for audio of the voice of the accused so that I could identify him, but the police did not give it either. It was a fatal attack, an attempt to rape, yet the police are considering it as a case of the general assault. My mother is ready to take me to the police station on a wheelchair, stretcher so that I can identify the accused, but the police are neither showing the photo of the accused nor confronting them. The mother has also sought help from Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chauhan on Tuesday. I want, the pain he gave me, the more pain he suffered. This year I used to work till Diwali. 

 Police statement- arrested the accused of molestation

SI Sudhir Arjaria of Kolar police station said that an active mobile number was found near the site of the incident, which belonged to a boy from Haryana. But that boy had no connection with it. After that, we arrested another boy. The information was given by the eyewitness. The accused of molestation has been arrested and sent to jail. He is a resident of Mahabali Nagar.