Not Chacha Nehru, It’s Amrit Kaur who deserves the credit of AIIMS

Not Chacha Nehru, It’s Amrit Kaur who deserves the credit of AIIMS

All Indian Institute of Medical Science, undoubtedly India’s one of the best Government hospitals. But Is this brainchild of Pt. Nehru or someone? This question was triggered by Congress IT cell coolies after Admission of Union Home Minister Amit Shah on 12th September. Let’s have a look at the number of AIIMS hospitals and their establishment times.

AIIMS Delhi - It was established in 1956. It was proposed by Amrit Kaur, First Health Minister of India. She introduced a bill in the Lok Sabha for the establishment of AIIMS. Kaur was instrumental in raising funds for the establishment of AIIMs, securing aid from New Zealand, Australia,Germany, and the US. But as usual, Nehru took all the credit and Amrit Kaur was ignored by pseudo intellectuals. 

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Now here is a list of AIIMS which was established under UPA(Congress + alliance) Govt.

            AIIMS                      Establishment 

            Delhi                           1956

            Bhopal                        2012

            Bhubaneswar             2012

           Jodhpur                       2012

           Patna                           2012

           Raipur                          2012

           Rishikesh                     2012

           Raebareli                     2013 

It Should be mentioned that 6 AIIMS ( Bhopal to Rishikesh in the list) were planned by NDA Govt, 2013 under the Pradhan Mantri Swasthya Suraksha Yojana. 

Now, here is the list of AIIMS under NDA ( BJP + alliance)

            AIIMS                      Establishment 

          Mangalagiri                  2018

          Nagpur                         2018

          Gorakhpur                   2019   

          Bathinda                      2019

          Bibinagar                     2019

          Kalyani                        2019

          Deoghar                      2019

Apart from this, the Narendra Modi Government increased 36,250 Medical seats which is approximately a 70% increase from 52,000 in 2014 to 88,250 by 2019. 

So, basically 7 AIIMS were established under the 5 years of Modi Govt whereas 8 AIIMS were established in 60 years ( Approx). More importantly, Vajpayee govt and Sushma Swaraj ( Health Minister of Vajpayee Govt) played important roles in the making of 6 AIIMS. So, It’s clear that Pt.Nehru doesn’t deserve the credit of AIIMS.