The nurse tore the PPE suit and had sex with the corona patient

She confessed to having sex in the hospital toilet

The nurse tore the PPE suit and had sex with the corona patient
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A nurse has been suspended for having sex with a corona disease patient. The nurse is said to have had an affair with a corona patient in a hospital toilet. The nurse has been suspended after isolating both of them after a coronary patient posted on social networking. This case is from Indonesia.

What exactly is the case?

A man at the Corona Center in Jakarta, the country's capital, has revealed on social media that he had sex with a local nurse. This person posted detailed information about the nurse and what exactly happened to her on social networking as well as a video. The young man has also shared some screenshots of the WhatsApp chat between the two on social media.

What happened when the post went viral?

The two were questioned after the man's post went viral. Both confessed to the incident. "We both agreed that we did this in the toilet at the Wisma Athlete Corona Center in Jakarta," The Sun reported. The woman also confessed to tearing a PPE suit on her body to have sex.

What do the officials say?

Both have been arrested in connection with the case, local army chiefs said. Lt. Col. Art Herveen BS said the matter was being investigated by the Jakarta police. "We are trying to get other employees of the center to come forward as witnesses in this case," Hervin said. Many who have come in contact with these nurses are currently isolated.

Corona test was performed

Both are currently in the custody of the Jakarta police. Both have undergone corona testing after the relevant type came to the fore. The patient is found to be corona positive while the nurse is corona negative. However, since coronavirus is a contagious disease, it can be spread not only by droplets but also by contact or contact with a person infected with the coronavirus. That is why this nurse has also been isolated as a precautionary measure.

Action against both

A case has also been registered against the youth under the country's anti-pornography law. The nurse has been immediately suspended. An inquiry is currently underway against the two and only after that will it be clarified what punishment will be meted out to them.