Omar Khalid professes atheism, is actually a staunch Muslim who wants to break India: Delhi Police

Omar Khalid professes atheism, is actually a staunch Muslim who wants to break India: Delhi Police

In the charge sheet filed by Delhi Police in the anti-Hindu riots in Delhi, Omar Khalid has been told that he only pretended to be an atheist, in fact, he is a staunch Muslim who wanted to break India. Omar believed that violent political Islam should merge with frontal political parties so that India could be taken as its share.

According to the Indian Express, this claim has been made in the supplementary charge sheet filed against Khalid. JNU students Sharjil Imam and Faizan Khan are also named in this charge sheet. The Imam is accused of supporting Khalid and helped Faizan Khan get SIM cards that were later used by protesters and activists opposing the Jamia Coordination Committee and the CAA.

The police accused Khalid that he accepted the idea of India in 2016 with a plan that planned to disband India by 2020 and whose concept was based only on the ummah with the destruction of secular and national identity.

Further, the lawyers of Imam and Khalid have also refused to give their comments on these allegations. This charge sheet has been filed in the court of Additional Sessions Judge Amitabh Rawat on Sunday.

In this, the three accused have been booked under the UAPA Act. All three have been charged with unlawful meetings, criminal conspiracy, murder, inciting riots, promoting enmity based on religion, etc. The court took cognizance of this charge sheet on Tuesday.

It was stated in this charge sheet that Khalid knew that Indian Muslims would not associate with the distorted definition of Islam. But for him, Bangladeshi and Rohingya immigrants living in the national capital were people who were easy to use.

The charge sheet described Khalid as a convergence point that incited, nurtured, and promoted Pan-Islam and ultra-left anarchism.

Police said that Khalid has two strong lines of thought. In this, he inherited from his father and the other ultra-left ideology, in which he tries to match the likes of Yogendra Yadav.