Illegal Annexation!

Illegal Annexation!

Pakistan's Peoples Party(PPP) has termed the latest ordinance brought in by PTI Government, to bring islands under the federal government, as illegal annexation. 

Pakistan has recently brought an ordinance through which it plans to take control of Islands for development and management of ilands in internal and territorial waters of Pakistan. However, it is facing tough opposition from Sindh based political parties and social organisation, who are terming this move as an illegal occupation.

People of Sindh expressed their shock over the ordinance, and several of Sindh's newspaper covered the story on their front page. Sindh based PPP, Benazir Butto's party for uninitiated, has rejected the ordinance and vowed to oppose it. Some sources have stated that Sindh Government plans to move a resolution in the state assembly condemning the ordinance and seek its withdrawal.

Human rights activist IA Rehman said these islands are property of the people. “You cannot take them without their consultation. Any takeover of the islands will be against the country.”

Pakistan Fisher-folk Forum (PFF) Chairman Mohammad Ali Shah said this is not the first time the islands are being snatched and such an attempt was also made in 2007 when a memorandum of understanding (MoU) was signed to hand over two islands to Dubai based investors.

“Due to this recent decision, 800,000 fishermen who live there for centuries would be displaced.”

"The federal government’s decision is not only against the Constitution of Pakistan but it is also against international conventions and agreements, which provide social, economic and cultural sovereignty to the indigenous people," Shah said.

Twin islands Bhandar and Bundal are located near Karachi and Thatta districts bordering Korangi, Phitti and Jhari creeks. There are 300 small and big islands located in Sindh coastal belt. The federal government will take control of all these islands.