PM Modi - Oxygen factories in every district with the help of PM Care Fund.

PM Modi - Oxygen factories in every district with the help of PM Care Fund.
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Oxygen generating centres will be set up in every district of the country for treatment. Prime Minister Narendra Modi announced on Twitter on Sunday amid the current Corona situation in the country. On Sunday, the Prime Minister wrote on Twitter, ‘Oxygen production centres will be set up in every district to ensure adequate oxygen. This important decision will increase the supply of oxygen to the country's hospitals and benefit the country's people.

Corona infection is increasing day by day across the country. In this situation, it has been alleged that oxygen is not available as per the demand for treatment in different states. To get rid of this crisis, Modi announced setting up oxygen production centres in every district of the country. He said that oxygen factories would be set up in the districts with money from the PM Cares Fund on Sunday. In the words of the Prime Minister, "Government hospitals in different districts have been taken suddenly so that the supply of oxygen is not disrupted and measures have been taken to help those suffering from covid and other patients." This system will be prolonged.

According to the Union Ministry of Health statistics, the number of daily infections on Sunday is 3 lakh 49 thousand 691, which is the highest ever. So far, the total number of victims of corona in the country is 1 crore 79 lakh 80 thousand 162. In the last 24 hours, 2,008 people have died, which is still the highest. So far, a total of 1 lakh 92 thousand 311 people have died due to corona in India. Many states in the country, including the capital Delhi, are currently crying out for oxygen.

Infrastructure has already been set up in 551 government hospitals across the country for oxygen production. Also, the Prime Minister's Office has approved more than 600 oxygen production companies. All other districts will be given speedy approval to produce oxygen, the PM's office said.

A statement from the Prime Minister's Office said, "Earlier, the PMCARS fund of Tk 201.57 crore was allocated for the construction of 182 medical oxygen production centres across the country." This time the aim is to set up oxygen factories in every district.