6 Crore import duty waved of by PM Narendra Modi for life saving medicines for 5-month-old girl

Narendra Modi helped a five month old girl

6 Crore import duty waved of by PM Narendra Modi for life saving medicines for 5-month-old girl
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Prime Minister Narendra Modi for waiving off custom duty and other charges for importing life-saving medicines for a 5-month-old girl.

On 1st February, Devendra fadnavis requested the PM to exempt customs and various duties for importing various medicines to save the life of five months old kid Teera Kamat from Mumbai. She is suffering from a rare genetic disease and required gene replacement therapy. For which medicine costing Rs. 16 crores required to be imported from the United States of America. The girl's parents have raised the requisite amount through crowdfunding. Rupees 6 crores has to be paid for customs duty and GST. On request of the girl's father, the CM wrote a letter to PM and Finance Minister Nirmala Sitaraman for exemption in customs duty and other taxes.Five-month-old Tira is now expected to be alive. She is suffering from SMA Type 1 disease, which can only be treated with Zolgensma injection from the United States. It is about 16 crores rupees. 6.5 crore rupees tax would have to be paid on this separately Then it would have cost 22.5 crores. But on the letter of former Maharashtra Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis, PM Narendra Modi has waived the tax. The baby would have been alive for barely 13 months if not injected.

Tira Kamat was admitted to SRCC Children's Hospital in Mumbai on 13 January. One of his lungs had stopped functioning, after which he was placed on a ventilator.16 crores deposited from crowd funding

 The injection is so expensive that it is not possible for the common man to buy it. It was difficult for Tira's family too. Her father, Mihir, works in an IT company. Mother Priyanka is a freelance illustrator (explain something with pictures). In such a situation, he created a page on social media and started crowd funding on it. It received good response here and has collected around 16 crores till date. It is now expected that the injection can be purchased soon.

What is SMA disease?

It is a Spinal muscular atrophy (SMA) disease occurs, the body does not have protein-producing genes. This causes the muscles and nerves to end. The activity of the brain muscles also starts decreasing. Since all the muscles operate from the brain, there is difficulty in breathing and even chewing food. There are many types of SMA, but Type 1 is the most serious.

She was suffocated even after drinking milk. Her father Mihir says that Tira was born in a hospital. When she came home, everything was fine, but soon the situation started changing. Teera suffocated while drinking mother's milk. There was a lack of water in the body. Once, his breath stopped for a few seconds. Even while drinking the polio vaccine, he used to stop breathing. On the advice of doctors, the girl was diagnosed with a neurologist when her illness was diagnosed.