Presidential election: Trump said- Biden should get a drug test done before or after presidential debate

President Donald Trump said : I am ready to do drug test done before and after presidential debates.

Presidential election: Trump said- Biden should get a drug test done before or after presidential debate
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  • Donald Trump said a few days ago that Biden is not fit to be president, saying he is lazy
  • The first presidential debate between Trump and Biden will be in Ohio on Tuesday

The first presidential debate in the US for presidential elections 2020 is scheduled on Tuesday 29 September. Earlier President Donald Trump made a strange statement. Trump said that Democrat candidate Joe Biden should undergo a drug test before or after the debate. I am ready for this too. In recent times, Trump has repeatedly questioned Biden's mental health.

A few days ago in Iowa, he said Biden was mentally unfit to be president.

Biden lives in sleep
Trump on Sunday tried to question Biden's mental condition via a tweet. Said- I demand that Joe Biden, who is sleepy, should get a drug test done before or after the Presidential Debate. I am ready to do the same test. The debate on Tuesday will have very few viewers. Fox News anchor Chris Wallace will be the moderator. Apart from this, there will be no panelist.

Three years of difference in age of both candidates
Trump has also questioned the age of Biden. Biden is 77 years old while Trump is 74 years old. Trump questioned Biden's health and tightened his brow, but never provided any evidence for it. In August, he said - see me, then see him. Then look at both of us and compare. The truth is that Trump has dropped the level of publicity. Some of Biden's old videos are being manipulated and run on Fox News. However, some Republicans also believe that such actions will not benefit the Trump campaign.

Trump has not started during campaigning to target Biden's health. Rather, this is what he has been doing since 2018. In almost every interview or speech, Trump called Biden a leader who is always sleepy. His physical and mental health was questioned. In fact, through these allegations, he is trying to make the voters feel that Biden is not fit to be President in terms of health.

Let voters decide
Trump's campaign director, Tim Murtag, says- such things may hurt anyone, but voters should listen to Biden, look at them and then decide. Especially a few years ago Biden and now Biden must be compared.

Trump has recently alleged that Biden takes strength-enhancing drugs. The extent was reached when Republican Senator Joe Murphy accused Biden of suffering from a serious illness such as dementia. However, Trump's advisers have warned him several months ago that Biden could easily argue for too long.